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MYSTERIOUS! Abandoned places in Miami 2023

abandoned places in miami

There are numerous historical and fascinating abandoned places in Miami, and some of them were formerly the most famous places in town; they were top-rated hospitals, schools, cities, factories, resorts, and hotels, among other things.

Because of their unique characteristics, several abandoned places in Miami are preserved and well maintained. Some are historical but now abandoned, and on this blog, you’ll find a mix of both types of places that are must-see in 2022.

List of abandoned places in Miami

1, Parkway west regional medical center

It is an 11-story structure that was originally the town’s operating hospital, with about 127 rooms and 300 beds for patients. This building took over two years to construct, and now it stands empty, filled with broken furniture, scrappers, and graffiti-covered walls.


It first opened in 1974 and closed permanently in 2002. There were plans to renovate the building in 2009, and the owner was willing to invest, but the plans were never implemented, and the location remained abandoned. Many owners planned to refurbish after that, but none of them succeeded.

This location is now abandoned, and trespassers are frequently apprehended by police. There are signs on the premises stating that trespassers are not permitted, so do not attempt to enter. It is also perilous to enter because the walls are porous and can cause injury.

2, Crandon zoo

It is now a botanical garden, with the zoo’s remaining items such as cages and other items remaining. The city intended to build a larger and better zoo because the Brandon zoo was small and busy even with fewer visitors.

It was the first zoo, founded in 1948, with only two black bears, three monkeys, and goats. As the business began to prosper, more animals and cages were purchased. A miniature railroad with numerous animals was also erected here.

The landfall off the coast, which killed roughly 250 animals, is the reason this place is being abandoned. As a result, the city chose to construct a new zoo, which is currently drawing tourists, while the original cages are still on display.

3, Deauville Beach Resort

It opened in 1926 as a lavish resort featuring a casino, beach club, and Florida’s largest swimming pool. When the owner changed, the resort’s name changed as well, and it became a health spa.

The resort was razed in 1956 to make way for a new hotel, which included ice skating, a radio station, shops, and a beauty salon.

It was destroyed by a large fire and then abandoned; it is now surrounded by broken furniture and flooded because no one looks after it.

4, Miami marine stadium

It was the first powerboat racing stadium in the United States, and it drew a large number of visitors and residents. It was built in 1963 and cost $2 million because it was such a large project.

In the 1980s, attendance began to decline, and the stadium was unable to promote events due to new constraints and political concerns. Events were becoming flops day by day, and there was a lack of events.

The last race was held in 1987, and it was later designated as a historical site in Miami. There were intentions to invest 121 million dollars in renovations, however those plans fell through, and the building was abandoned. It has attracted a large number of homeless persons who are causing damage to the property.

5, Brooksville Victorian tree house

It’s a three-story miniature treehouse from the 1970s that comes complete with bathrooms, beds, and a kitchen. It’s incredible that this lovely home has been abandoned.

In 2004, photographs of this house went viral on the internet, and people were outraged that it had been abandoned. Trespassers are not allowed because the new owners are infatuated with the residence. It requires extensive repairs, which are not currently planned for this lovely home.

6, Splendid China

It was opened in 1993 and closed in just 10 years it is inside a Florida theme park made as a homage to China. It is handmade and precious property but nobody takes care of this place now and it is surrounded by creepy plants.

The owners of the theme park fell into financial problems and after that, the closed were closed to the public. It sits abandoned now and there are no plans to renovate this precious place.

7, Cape Romana Domes

It is close to Marco Island and appears to be six different pieces of hoise, yet it was only one before the hurricane of the 1990s wrecked it. It was designed to withstand the hurricane, but it failed.

The interior was severely damaged, and the building was abandoned following the disaster. It was one-of-a-kind, with distinct designs in each chamber. Each dome was constructed differently than the others.

So these are some of the best abandoned places in Miami and if you know more interesting abandoned places then drop them down in the comments below.

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