About us

Hello there,

Here I welcome you to the world of travel & trips,

I made this wonderful informational website for people who want to explore new places in the world, the blogs available on our site will help you with that.

Freaking travel was founded in the year 2021/ March, The beginnings of this blog are from India and slowly we are trying to spread all over the world.

The founder of this site has done a lot of research in the blogs and just want to satisfy the consumers with their needs.

Some Detailed information of the founder

I want to become a travel blogger and grow in this field. Previously I was writing blogs on blogger.com but then I thought to do this properly so I made this website and now will work on this and make my dreams fulfil.

My blogs are now available all over the world and we hope you enjoy our blogs as much as we enjoy offering you, For any query, you can directly contact us without any hesitation.