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Does It Snow in Korea? Exploring the Winter Wonderland and Best Snowy Destinations

does it snow in korea

Does It Snow in Korea? Exploring the Winter Wonderland and Best Snowy Destinations


Welcome to Korea, a country that transforms into a winter wonderland during the colder months, with its landscapes blanketed in glistening snow. For those curious about the possibility of snow in Korea, this blog is your comprehensive guide to the enchanting winter season in the country. We will delve into the regions that experience snowfall, the timing of winter, and the top 10 destinations where you can immerse yourself in the magic of snow. Whether you are an avid snow lover or simply seeking a unique winter experience, Korea offers an array of snowy destinations and exciting activities for everyone.

does it snow in korea

I. Understanding the Korean Winter Climate:

Korea experiences a diverse winter climate, with temperatures dropping to freezing levels in most regions. The colder months typically span from December to February, with some areas experiencing snowfall as early as November. The northern and mountainous regions, such as Gangwon Province and Inje County, are known for their heavy snowfall, creating a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts. On the other hand, the southern regions and Jeju Island offer milder winters, attracting visitors seeking a more temperate climate and a break from the cold.

II. When Does Snowfall Occur in Korea?

Snowfall in Korea varies based on geographical location and elevation. The mountainous regions, including the Taebaek Mountains and Seoraksan National Park, witness the earliest and heaviest snowfall. As winter progresses, the snow gradually extends to other areas, such as Seoul and Gyeongju. Visitors to the coastal regions, like Busan, can expect less snow and milder winter temperatures compared to the inland and northern areas. To witness snowfall at its peak, the best time to plan your trip would be between January and February.

does it snow in korea

III. Top 10 Snowy Destinations in Korea:

1. Seoul:
Seoul, the vibrant capital of Korea, transforms into a magical winter wonderland during the colder months. The city’s historic palaces, such as Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung, are adorned in a beautiful layer of snow, offering picture-perfect scenes. Visit Olympic Park for an unforgettable ice skating experience, and don’t miss the charming winter markets selling seasonal delights.

2. Gangwon Province:
Gangwon Province is a winter paradise for snow enthusiasts, hosting world-class ski resorts like Pyeongchang and Alpensia. The picturesque mountains and frozen lakes provide an ideal backdrop for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports. Additionally, the annual Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival in Inje County is a highlight for ice fishing and ice sliding.

3. Jeju Island:
Known for its mild climate, Jeju Island offers a unique winter experience. Escape the mainland’s cold and enjoy a temperate winter while exploring natural wonders like the Manjanggul Cave. Stroll along the picturesque coastlines, visit the Jeju Winter Festival, and savor the island’s serene ambiance.

4. Inje County:
Inje County is a hidden gem for snow lovers, offering exciting snow festivals and serene landscapes. Embrace the thrill of the Inje Icefish Festival, where visitors can fish through ice holes, or relax in hot springs to stay warm amidst the winter chill.

5. Chuncheon:
Chuncheon, often referred to as the “Romantic City,” captivates visitors with its picturesque winter scenes. The Garden of Morning Calm Winter Light Festival is a must-visit, where the gardens are adorned with colorful lights. Cheongpyeong Lake, when frozen, offers a unique ice fishing experience.

6. Gyeongju:
Gyeongju, Korea’s ancient capital, exudes historical charm during winter. Visit the famous Bulguksa Temple and Seokguram Grotto, both UNESCO World Heritage sites, which take on a new allure in the snowy landscape. Anapji Pond, a historic royal garden, becomes even more captivating when blanketed in snow.

7. Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm:
Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm is a picturesque winter destination, where visitors can witness sheep grazing amidst snow-covered pastures. Take a scenic tractor ride through the farm, feed adorable sheep, and capture the stunning winter scenery.

8. Nami Island:
Nami Island’s fairy-tale-like ambiance becomes even more enchanting during winter. The island’s tree-lined paths are adorned with snow, making it the perfect place for a romantic winter stroll. Visit the Winter Sonata filming locations and immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere.

9. Busan:
Busan, Korea’s coastal gem, offers a milder winter climate compared to other regions. Explore the colorful Gamcheon Culture Village, where artistic murals come alive amidst the winter scenery. Stroll along Haeundae Beach, which offers a serene coastal escape in winter.

10. Andong Hahoe Village:
Andong Hahoe Village, a UNESCO World Heritage site, captivates visitors with its traditional hanok houses draped in snow. Experience a traditional hanok stay and relish the tranquility of the winter landscape.

does it snow in korea

IV. Tips for Traveling in Korea During Winter:

1. Dress warmly: Korea’s winters can be chilly, so pack plenty of warm layers, including thermal wear, insulated jackets, and waterproof boots.

2. Stay safe on icy roads: Be cautious while walking or driving on icy roads, especially in mountainous regions and rural areas.

3. Embrace winter activities: Participate in ice fishing, ice skating, and other winter festivals to fully experience Korea’s winter charm.

4. Try local winter cuisine: Savor hearty Korean dishes like hot soups and stews to warm up during the colder months.


Korea’s winter season offers a captivating landscape of snowy wonders and enchanting experiences. Whether you’re seeking adventure on the ski slopes, a romantic stroll through snow-covered gardens, or a tranquil escape in traditional villages, Korea has it all. Embrace the magic of snow as you explore the top 10 snowy destinations, each offering unique and unforgettable winter experiences. Remember to pack warm clothing and an adventurous spirit as you embark on your winter journey through the enchanting wonderland of Korea.

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