Watching sunrises is the best thing to do in the mornings, and we are here to provide you with the best list of places from which you can see the sunrise. Some places are well-known to San Diegans, while others are not, so make sure to read the entire blog.

You can also see detailed information about each location so that when you visit, you know what the basic criteria are for entering the location and which locations are free to enter.

1, Cowles Mountain

You'll get the best and clearest view of the sunrise from the city's highest point, but you'll have to work a little harder for it. Because you will have to hike, and the hiking trail is 3 miles long and 1592 feet above sea level.

2, Sunset Cliff National Park

This location is stunning in general, and spending time here is both relaxing and soothing. This location is open 24 hours a day and can be visited at any time, so going early in the morning and exercising there will be worthwhile.

3, Central Beach

What could be a better place to watch the sunrise than a clean and empty beach where you can take a lot of photos with the sun? There is plenty of open space where you can do yoga, exercise, or go for a walk.

4, Sunrise Highway

This highway is ideal for bicyclists, and you will see a lot of them while driving. It stretches from Laguna Mountain to downtown San Diego and is one of the must-see attractions in the city.

5, Cabrillo National Monument

This is an incredible place to see the sunrise and sunsets, and you will be able to see endless amazing views from here. A beautiful side of San Diego can be seen from here. It has a lot of great spots, so if you go, make sure you leave enough time to explore.

6, Fiesta Island

There is a proper 4-11 mile loop where you can take your dog and many people take their dog for walking and swimming. This is a great place to unwind in San Diego because it is almost always empty.

7, Mt Helix Park

Mt Helix Park in San Diego is a well-kept park. It has a diverse range of plants and wildlife to see, making it a nature-friendly destination. You will have a 360-degree view, and there are numerous events and festivals that take place almost every day.

8, Balboa Park

There are many parks and shops all around Balboa Park, as well as many places to take amazing photos. This park was created with a great deal of passion and hard work, and minor detailing has been done throughout. The architecture of this park is outstanding.

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