Best time to visit japan [Year-to-year comparison]

- Cold in most of Japan, with snow in some regions. - Ideal for winter sports in the northern areas like Hokkaido. - New Year's celebrations are significant.


- Cold but clear skies in many parts of Japan. - Ideal for visiting hot springs (onsen) and enjoying winter festivals. - Plum blossoms (ume) start to bloom in some regions, a precursor to cherry blossoms.


- Early cherry blossoms start to bloom in southern regions like Okinawa. - Weather is cool and comfortable, ideal for outdoor activities. - Festivals: Hina Matsuri (Doll Festival) and St. Patrick's Day in some areas.


- Cherry blossoms (sakura) are at their peak in Tokyo, Kyoto, and other major cities. - Pleasant weather with mild temperatures. - Golden Week (late April to early May) brings many national holidays and events.


- Cherry blossoms continue to bloom in northern Japan. - Mild temperatures and lush green landscapes. - Great for hiking and outdoor adventures.


- Start of the rainy season (tsuyu) in many regions, especially Tokyo and Kyoto. - Warmer temperatures but occasional heavy rains.


- Hot and humid weather in most of Japan. - Occasional typhoons in southern parts like Okinawa. - Gion Matsuri in Kyoto is a famous festival.


- Still hot and humid, especially in urban areas. - Ideal for beach destinations like Okinawa. - Obon Festival, a major summer holiday.


- Typhoon season continues, but with fewer rains as the month progresses. - Comfortable temperatures, especially toward the end of the month. - Great for hiking and enjoying autumn foliage in northern regions.


- Beautiful autumn foliage in Kyoto and other areas. - Comfortable temperatures for outdoor activities. - The Koyo season (fall foliage) begins.


- Peak of fall foliage in many regions. - Cooler temperatures, especially in northern Japan. - Great for visiting hot springs (onsen) and enjoying autumn festivals.


- Winter illuminations in major cities like Tokyo and Osaka. - Possibility of snow in northern regions like Hokkaido. - Christmas is celebrated, although it's not a national holiday.


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