Does It Snow In Mexico? 2022 Predictions

As you’ve probably guessed, snow in Mexico isn’t common. In fact, there’s only one snowfall recorded in the country during the 20th century and that was actually on top of the Pico de Orizaba mountain in the State of Veracruz.

If we fast forward to 2022, however, it looks like Mexico might be seeing more snow than ever before!

The study was done on data and records of past temperatures in various Mexican cities compared to other places around the world.

The data shows that temperatures in certain regions have been getting colder over time, leading to speculation that snowfall may occur within 12 years.

Places predicted to experience possible snowfall are Cuernavaca and Toluca. However, some doubt has been cast on these predictions because of how unusual it would be for any part of Central America to see snow in general.

Many climate experts say it is unlikely that snowfall will ever happen in Mexico. But as temperatures continue to drop across many parts of North America, scientists can’t rule out an eventual possibility of snowfall in some areas south of Texas or even farther south.

Even if you don’t believe it’s going to happen anytime soon, you should still consider preparing for potential cold weather conditions.

What would happen if you got caught unprepared when there’s unexpected snowfall? Consider stocking up on extra blankets and warm clothing just in case something like that happens someday.

You might also want to invest in generators so you can keep your electronics running during power outages.