Highly recommended things to do in Naperville 2022


Naperville is the fifth-largest city in Illinois and has wonderful things for you such as amazing sights, some adventurous things and great resorts to visit. In this blog, you will witness all of the things with the experience shared by the locals.

1, Pelican harbor indoor & outdoor aquatic park

This is the only indoor as well as outdoor park in Illinois and has very adventurous and family-friendly slides.

2, Centennial beach

It is a public aquatic park with lots of adventurous activities such as adult floats, water spouts, shoot up water and many more.

3, The Morton Arboretum

The beauty of this place is always the best in every season and every season brings new events and shows.

4, First Division Museum

There are many things which you can see and learn things about world war one and the tank that are kept outside are from world war I.

5, Paddleboat Quarry

Kayaking, as well as paddle boat both, are available at this place which is located along with the Naperville Riverwalk just for 10$ for 20 minutes and 15$ for 40 minutes which is worth it.

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