Most instagrammable places in Chicago 2022


1, 360° Chicago Observation Deck

It is famous for a unique feature called tilted glass; you should reserve tickets in advance for your convenience, and the cost is only $30 per person plus an additional $8 for the tilted glass experience.

2, Chicago Secret ‘ Bat Cave ’

It’s also known as a magic road or a secret shortcut because it’s a real 2.5-mile route that connects Randolph and Mc Cormick.

3, Rookery Building

It is both the most historic and the most central location in Chicago. There isn’t just one spot for photography; you’ll find pillars and walls to use as backdrops for your shots.

4, London house rooftop

It is one of the best rooftop pubs in Chicago for photography, and many Chicago influencers have frequented this location. (They claim that if you go with a group, the management will give you a discount.)

5, Old Town Chicago

This location was created specifically for photography. You’ll find a variety of photo opportunities here, including wall art, colourful houses, and more.

6, North Avenue Beach

The beach is well-known for photography and videography, but it is also well-known for biking and jet skiing.

7, Navy Pier Parking Garage

Many individuals who come here have no intention of parking their car because the scenery from this parking garage is ideal for photographing.

8, Chicago Fire Engine 98

The only reason it made the list is because of the background and photography-friendly environment, and many influencers have visited to take amazing shots for their Instagram feeds.

9, Calder’s flamingo

It’s a great site to take photos because of its bright colour, and influencers advocate going here at night because the light shines brighter and you’ll get some amazing shots.

10, Skydeck at the willis tower

Because it is so gorgeous and the pricing is so reasonable, many Instagram influencers flock here to take shots. Adults pay $23 and children pay $15.

So these are some of the most instagrammable places in CHICAGO, if you want to read more about this topic then swipe up NOW...