MOST SECRET PLACES IN THE WORLD (Where travelers can visit 2022)


There are many places in the world that are rare and unique but only some places are secret and beautiful. And in this blog, you will see such secret places.

There are many lists of secret places on the internet, but the main problem is that you are not allowed to visit such places and what is the use if I as a traveler won’t be able to visit such places.

So I thought to write a blog in which I would list some beautiful secret places on the earth where anyone can visit

1, Mendel hall Glacier and Ice cave, Alaska

This glacier is very long about 13.6 miles, This is a very rare place where you can visit under an iced shade just like a big room which has a ceiling and walls of ice.

It is a very thin stone and it is also known as the paper stone, it is about 1100 metre above sea level. And you have to go to the point by hiking. These type of places are always adventurous but once you reach to the top it is worthy.

2, Troll Tunga, Norway

3, Horsetail fall

This is a very rare place and looks like a long fire tail of a horse and for that reason, it has got it name. The best time to visit this place is in the evenings because it glows too much at night.

4, Lake Hillier, Western Australia

It is the most beautiful secret place in the world, pure pink colour lake it is just like a bubblegum colour of water and you won’t believe this places unless you see it with your eyes.

5, The Nasca lines, Peru

This place is very different and the only way to see it clearly and the whole design at one time is watching it through the air by flight or helicopter. There are some flights which go directly from above this place.

6, Catacombs of Paris cemetery

There are millions of bones and skulls stick to the wall and anyone who is a true horror fan should visit this place. This is very unique historical place. To enter in it you have to buy tickets.

so these are some of the most secret places in the world where people can visit and if you want detailed information of every place then checkout our blog related to this topic