MYSTERIOUS! Abandoned places in Ohio 2022


Ohio is famous for many historical and abandoned places and it also has more than 25 ghost towns. On the other side Ohio ranks first in the list of best place to live. It is 34th largest by area and seventh most populous state.

1, Sea World It is abandoned with many memories of the locals who visit here in summers for enjoyment. And you can still see the water rides which is rusted & broken. It was operated by Sea World & Entertainment.

2, Wagner manufacturing company It used to be one of the best and most well-known brands, but now it is an abandoned location with a large structure with damaged windows and items still inside.

3, Campbell Campbell is a modest steel-producing mill, and it is bordered by businesses and industries. Because it was an industrial area, the personnel used to stay in a nearby town.

4, Kerr’s run school It is a historic site since it was the country’s first school and has educated numerous pupils throughout the years. It opened in the 1880s and closed in the early 1900s.

5, Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church This lovely church was built in 1885 by the congregation’s founding members with a budget of around $2500 dollars. It was one of the most attractive churches in town, with a variety of additional features.

6, B&O Harmar bridge It is the best historical bridge in town, with hundreds of locks, and it is famous for its distinctive qualities, including the ability to open for river traffic to pass. It’s a unique location that’s especially popular with couples.

7, Thurber House It is one of the most popular haunted locations for paranormal enthusiasts. It is the most well-known and terrifying house in town; it consists of two independent structures, both of which are haunted and abandoned.

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