Mystics Beach (Updated Travel Guide With Camping, Surfing, Hotels)

Mystics Beach, also known as Minnamurra Beach, is a beach where rivers meet the ocean, making it very rare and unique. This beach is not crowded, and after visiting, it feels like a private beach.

In the local language, Minnamurra means “a lot of fish.” Near the Minnamurra River, you’ll also find a variety of shells and stones, as well as fish. This beach is one of the top three in Australia. It is also the first officially recognised freshwater inland beach.

Things to do in Mystics Beach


1, The farm, Killalea National surfing reserve

The farm got its name because there is only one way to get to the beach, and that is through the private property farm. However, if you are permitted to enter, no one will prevent you from doing so.

2, Killalea State Park Camping

It is the best camping site in town, and they provide all of the basic amenities such as a kitchen, bunkhouse, grill areas, laundry area, and a hot shower.

3, Minnamurra River

This river has a basin size of 45 square miles and a length of 14 miles, both of which are quite large, and it flows eastward. The river empties into the Jamberoo valley, which is surrounded to the west by mountains.

4, Minnamurra Point

It is a must-see if you are visiting Mystics Beach and is very close to Stack Island. So you can get there by walking a few metres.

5, Minnamurra Whale Watching Platform

The platform is excellent, and there are many people here who have seen dolphins. The staff is very friendly and helpful, and they explain everything to you. Mystics Beach is only 1.2 kilometres away.

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