The Best Time to Visit Greece in 2022

Choosing the ideal time to visit Greece is important if you’re planning a trip there. While July and August will be the hottest months of the year if you’re travelling in the winter, June and September may offer milder temps.

On the other side, the cheapest times of year to fly from New York City to Greece are usually in May, June, and September.

Whether you wish to experience one of Greece’s well-known beach cities or see the country’s historical and cultural sites will determine the ideal time to travel there.

Summers are warm because to Europe’s proximity to Africa (the average high is 71F). The busiest months are usually the summers, so you might be better to go between October and May.

It is advisable to prepare carefully if your travel dates fall during Easter week because a lot of places will close on April 16 for Easter Day and stay closed through April 19.

However, because fewer visitors travel there during these months, hotels aren’t as crowded. Winter weather can be cool at night and most days are around 50F.

In general, summer is the ideal season if you enjoy beaches and sunshine.

Accommodations start at roughly $300 per night during the busiest months of the year, which are July and August. Traveling in the off-season (April–June and September–October)

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