The Best Time to Visit Peru: Insights from a Local

The hot season, which runs from May through September and December through February, should be avoided.

June and July are ideal months for hiking or other outdoor pursuits like rafting because the weather will be comfortable but not oppressively so.

If you want to visit Machu Picchu during the busiest season but avoid the crowds at lower elevations, October is an excellent time to go.

In Lima and Cusco, there are numerous cultural festivities that take place between November and April, and there are more rainbows than ever.

Depending on where you are in the country, the rainy season might run anywhere from a few days to six months.

Landslides and flash floods can happen when there has been a lot of rain, so be sure to check the risk level at your destination before going during these times.

In Lima, Peru, the rainy season lasts from October to April. The wettest months are December through February.

The dry season, which lasts from May to September, is the ideal time to visit Lima.

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