THINGS TO DO IN MENTOR OHIO (Things you should not miss)


Mentor had a population of only 540 individuals when it was founded, but now it has grown to almost 70,000 permanent residents. This city’s average temperature is 49.90°F.

When it was still developing, the rate of tourism in this area climbed year after year. This city’s entire land area is 28 square miles, with 14 popular parks and 26 houses of worship.

1, Mentor Lagoons Nature Preserve

It’s the ideal location for seeing wildlife, and because it’s so scenic, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to take images. There are a lot of birds here, as well as people walking their dogs.

2, Great Lakes Mall

This mall in Mentor has a lot of smaller shops and is quite attractive and tidy. There are many things to do here, including a theatre and a decent food court and restaurant.

3, Headlands Beach State Park

The best place to chill and relax with your friends and family, with a well-kept beach and no trash cans to be seen. According to locals, the beach is always clean.

4, James A. Garfield National

It’s a historical site where you can get lost in facts about Mentor’s past, and you’ll discover some notes on the wall that you can read to learn more about the location.

5, Indian Museum of lake county

The back level of a shopping centre houses a hidden gem of Lake County. It is a museum dedicated to the history of Native Americans and their homes.

6, Mentor Civic Amphitheatre

It is a large amphitheatre with a seating capacity of 7500 people. It’s the best thing to do for free in Mentor, Ohio. Rock concerts, operas, classical events, theatre, live music, and more are all available for free.

7, All City Candy

This is the sweetest spot in the city, with thousands of chocolates and sweets to choose from. It’s also a great place to buy gifts and souvenirs from the city.

8, Point Blank Cleveland

You can rent firearms and test shooting at this location, which is the best place to learn how to shoot. It’s a fun spot to visit if you want to get some shooting practise.

9, Mentor mini golf course

It is a family-friendly golf course with 18 holes and is suitable for golfers of all ability levels. Different types of tracks are available, and a ticket booth is located near the entrance.

10, Roll House Entertainment Mentor

It is an indoor amusement centre with arcade games, bowling, highway lanes bowling, group host parties, corporate retreats, and special events.

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