THINGS TO DO IN WOOSTER OHIO (Highly recommended by the local people)


Wooster is a city in the state of Ohio that was founded in 1808 and is named after David Wooster, a soldier in the American Revolutionary War.

Wooster is the county seat of Wayne County, as well as the county's largest city. Wooster is also home to a branch of the county administration and the county public library.

1, Unlocked: Escape Room Wooster

It's a fun spot to go with your friends and family. You can tell from the name that you have to leave the chamber, and that is exactly what this area is about.

It's a tranquil spot where you may stroll and see the magnificent flowers all around you. A little river is also nearby, where you may sit and relax with your friends.

2, Wooster Memorial Park

3, College of Wooster art museum

It began as a tiny gallery in the 1930s and has grown into a large and popular museum with numerous works of art that are well worth visiting.

4, Secrest Arboretum

It's a lovely spot in the city where you'll find hundreds of blooms and a fantastic place to get a sense of nature. The lights make this site much more lovely in the evening.

5, Alice Noble Ice Arena

Ice skating is a great way to burn off some energy for only $5 per hour, which is quite affordable, plus they provide a lot of public skating sessions.

6, Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area

It is said by locals that it is the heart of Wooster city and that tourists love to visit it. It was not as popular in the past, but presently it attracts a large number of visitors.

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