Top best things you should definitely do in Wausau Wisconsin


Wausau Wisconsin is a place that can be purely defined as natural beauty. It is one of the best places for planning short trips and vacations. It is more like a historical place with many museums and parks.

Wausau has many stories to tell you if you are about to travel here such as once Wausau was a very active trader of Fur and now you can find the machines in Museums.

This wonderful place was starting running in June / 2011. And the most demanding things at this place is ice skating and people who are local here enjoy the music in the background which is played in the park.

1, 400 Block

2, Nine Mile Forest

This place is filled with activities and the best place for people who like adventures. With beautiful trails which are groomed and well designed. It is the best to place to visit in warmer months as well as in winters.

3, Wausau Center Mall

The mall was started in the year 1983. And there are so many options nearby where you can walk and explore the place.

4, The Grand theatre

This theatre was built in the year 1899. This place is a historical gem that is preserved and it is very well maintained till now. The staff here is very professional and friendly and they always try to give the best service.

5, Yawkey house museum

This wonderful museum was built in the year 1954. This museum has a garden and that makes it a little different from another museum. The interior is also well maintained for many years.

6, Granite Peak Ski Area Resort

It is a ski area resort located in Rib Mountain State Park. This resort was started in the year 1936. The lifts here are fast not like other ski resort

7, House on the rock

This place is very rare and you won’t find such a place and the antiques inside are all real. In Wausau, it is said that it is the most favourite place where tourist wants to visit.

8, Monk Botanical garden

This garden was started in the year 2010 and has seen rapid growth. This garden is very clean and in the evening you will find many people walking.

So these are the best things to do in Wausau Wisconsin and if you want to read detailed blog on this topic then swipe up  NOW...