Top-rated Abandoned places in Oklahoma 2022


Oklahoma has many tourist spots and famous places but for the people who like to visit abandoned places and know the history behind it. Here you can see all the top-rated abandoned places in Oklahoma.

1, Gandini’s Circus

This was an old circus where people could see none animal acts. But now it is beautifully abandoned with full of colours. It is a good stop for exploration and it is not so big and won’t take too much time to explore.

2, Abundant Life Building

It was constructed in the 1950s and it has been vacant since the 1980s. The ownership of this building has been changed several times. It is a huge strange building in Tulsa and does not have any windows.

3, Hopewell Baptist Church

This is a unique church that has a triangle structure and it is also known as TP church. It was once listed on the US National Register of Historic Places in 2002.

4, Kingfisher Hospital

This hospital was built in the year 1940 and got abandoned in the year 2009. Nearly in 2009, this hospital wants needy repair which was not provided to it and in 2007 new hospital was built in town, because of that it was not managed properly.

5, Pitcher

It is one of the strangest places in the United States, It is a ghost town and there are only a handful of people who lives here. But it is not at all recommended to live here for a long time.

6, Skedee

It is another ghost town on the list which has nothing special except ‘The Bond of Friendship’ monument which was built in the year 1926.

7, Sleepy Hollow

This restaurant was once the best in town and it got so much positive response. Almost every review on the online listing was positive.

8, Ron School

The construction of this school started in the year 1939 and there are total 14 rooms with offices in this abandoned school.

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