Top-Rated things to do in Brattleboro VT


Brattleboro is a place where you will find the perfect vacation for yourself and it is a place that will bring you different things to do in different seasons.

Some facts about Brattleboro 

– Vermont gets its name from two French words. – It was one of the first states to outlaw slavery. – It is the second smallest state by population (after Wyoming). – Ben and Jerry's ice cream began at a gas station in Burlington, Vermont.

1,  Madame Sherri forest

It is the best place for hiking, and the trails here are very helpful for you to walk and the helpers that are here for your help are very friendly.

2, Brattleboro farmer’s Market

It is the best place for food shopping and there are various kinds of vendors who sell their different kinds of food.

3, Brattleboro Music center

If you are a music lover then you should visit this place and if you are not a fan of music then also there are things for you to explore.

4, Penelope wurr

It is a gift shop owned by a lady but it is not like an ordinary gift shop it is one of the best gift shops in the town.

5, Brattleboro bike shop

Other than bikes sales and service they also rent out bikes for one day of local use. They can also track you about 6 to 60 miles long.

6, Bodhifit

The best yoga studio at Southern Vermont and if you want a peaceful place where you can do yoga and try some meditation you should visit this place.

7, Mystery on the main Street

It is the best bookstore in the town and you will find here lots of mystery books. It is a unique book store than others you will enjoy browsing this book store.

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