Best Abandoned places in Virginia where you can visit easily 


Virginia state has seen lots of history and because of that many historical sites are still there as abandoned. Some of the historical sites are maintained and preserved so that the new generation can see them and know the story behind it.

1, Swannanoa Palace

This palace was built in the year 1912 by James H. Dooley and it was made for his wife to spend a vacation here. And both of them can enjoy themselves here as a couple but it was never used as a vacation spot and the couple died in 1924 and 1926. Since then people say this palace is unlucky.

2, Lorton Reformatory

It is also known as Lorton Correctional Complex which was established in the year 1910 as a prison farm and it was also used as a bunker by the government during the war to keep many emergency communication equipment.

3, Monster Museum & Dark Maze

It was already an abandoned place when Professor cline took over and built the haunted Monster museum here. Since the 1890s it is an abandoned place and there are many mysterious things that happen over her like an unknown fire on the gate.

4, Barton Mansion

This is the only place on the list which is not scary or haunted and it has now turned into a luxury apartment, but it has a great story behind which you will love to know and you would like to visit here to see this place in real.

5, Old wise county orphanage

This place is slowly decayed and abandoned. It is a kind of place you would not like to visit as it looks creepy from the outside but from inside the story is something else. The old type architecture and design are still seen on the walls under the spider web.

6, Main street in Pamplin city

It was a commercial area in the 20th century and this town was the primary producer of clay pipes in the country and many salesmen use to travel in this town for the pipes. The main reason why this place became abandoned was the residents who used to live here.

7, Selma Mansion

It lies in the ruin and it was built in the 1900s. This place is old and people love to visit. Just to explore the architecture and design which is there on the walls and pillars. If you are a lover of such a beautiful place then do visit here.

8, Virginia Renaissance Faire

This is the only place where people used to come and enjoy the festival and shows, but suddenly after two successful seasons, the props and everything was shifted to the origin which is in Wisconsin. It is now an abandoned place but not creepy and Haunted as others

These are some of the abandoned places if you want more details about the places then do check our blog