UNBELIEVABLE! Abandoned places in Indiana 2022 where you can visit


Indiana is a place that has the same name country which is India and also in the 1800s Indiana was land for Indian tribes and very fewer people used to live here.

1, The Palace Theatre

This was the most famous and running theatre in the 1930s and it was opened in the year 1925. People loved to visit here and there were so many shows that were running almost every day. Famous personalities also have visited this place during their time.

2,  St. Mary’s Mercy Hospital

This hospital was founded by St. Mary and it was operated by several nuns and at that time it was one of the top-notch hospitals in the area and people was happy with their hospitality. It was opened in the year 1908.

3, Burnt Houses

In the 2000s, Indiana got so many abandoned houses some of them was burnt to destroy but it was made with the olden architect it didn’t destroy at all. And now you can find many abandoned houses, buildings, barns in Indiana.

4, The Horace Mann School

This school has a similar story to the hospital above there were a total of 75 classes of students who graduated from this school. This school was unique in the whole town and parents want their kids to be in this school.

5, Rose Island

This theme park is located in Charlestown and is a 100-year-old theme park that you can visit without difficulty because it is an open space. This was the largest and most popular theme park in Indiana.

6, Dome Cabin - Bloomington

This is the most beautiful place to see from the outside, and it falls under the jurisdiction of the State Recreational Area. Every part of this is now rusted from the inside, and it was built by a family in the 1950s, when it was considered futuristic at the time.

7, The Zoom Flame

This location is now a graffiti hotspot, but it was once a waterpark and was used as a slide in the 1970s and 1980s, but it is now abandoned and no one visits it.

8, Monroe Allison House

This house has a unique architecture and is also known as a gingerbread house due to its unique architecture.

There are more such interesting places where you can visit legally and get moe details about each and every place on the list