UNBELIEVABLE! Mysterious Abandoned Places In Houston


In Houston, Texas, there are hundreds of abandoned places, but just a few have the best stories and histories behind their abandonment.

And visiting such places is only worthwhile if you are aware of the history behind them, which is why we have compiled a list of best-abandoned places in Houston, Texas.

1, KVVV TV Station

It was a Houston-based independent television station that experienced dramatic ups and downs in less than a year. It used to broadcast radio shows, television shows and stock market programmes.

2, Palace of the Golden Orbs

It is the most gorgeous palace that has remained unfinished, and just a few people are aware of its existence. Tourists are drawn to this location, which is why the palace is encircled by a fence.

3, Abandoned Metro Hub

The approval for the construction of this metro hub was given in 1973, and the metro began operations in 1979. The service area of this metro was 1285 square miles, with 8 county regions.

4, Houston Astrodome

It is a historical site, and those who have visited it know that it is an excellent venue for concerts. It’s a massive dome that was commonly used for concerts, games, and events in the 1960s.

5, Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern

It is a Houston hidden gem, and while the park as a whole does not come with abandoned buildings, the attractions inside it, such as the underground water reservoir, will entice you to explore.

6, Incinerator, formerly Jefferson Davis Hospital

It is an abandoned hospital that is also known as a haunted place but in daylight it good place to visit who like abandoned places.

So these are some of the top abandoned places in Houston and if you want to know more about these places then swipe up NOW...