15 Things to do in Lubbock Texas (Updated list 2022)


The majority of people consider this area to be western, and horses are commonly used to get here. You will see that the folks are of a fairly western sort, as evidenced by their dress code.

1, Stars and Stripes drive

It’s a spot where you may watch a movie with your family or friends, or sit in your car as a pair. You may also purchase some food to eat at this location, which is quite clean and sanitary and where you can watch a movie.

2, First Friday art trail

Every month on the first Friday, the First Friday art trail is a site where you may find numerous artistic items for free.

3, Moonlight music amphitheatre

It has 920 seats and is a large amphitheatre that hosts a variety of events, plays, stage shows, and special events.

4, Joyland amusement park

It is a family-friendly location where you may enjoy a variety of rides, similar to those found at other amusement parks and resorts.

5, Science spectrum Museum

Science Spectrum is a science and technology museum with an aquarium on the premises, making it the only aquarium in western Texas.

6, Palo Duro Canyon State Park

It is the world’s second-largest canyon, and it is located in Lubbock, Texas. You can explore it for a very low price, and it has a lot to offer.

7, Silent Wings Museum

This museum is located on the site where World War II took place, and there is a lot to see and do here. Many things can be learned, such as how troops felt during World War 2.

8, CapRock Winery

This business is operated by women and is a lovely location to visit where you can sample various wines and foods while listening to live music.

9, Cactus Theatre

The Cactus Theatre in Lubbock, Texas, hosts a variety of musicians and musical performances.

10, Museum of Texas Tech University

This museum is located in Lubbock and covers a wide range of topics. This museum has far more things to see and do than any other.

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