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15 Things to do in Lubbock Texas (Updated list 2023)

Things to do in lubbock texas

15 Things to do in Lubbock (Texas)

As you searched for Lubbock and wanted to learn more about it, you may have heard that this town was formerly quite and was only known for cotton farming, and cotton farming is still one of the most important industries in the town today.

The majority of people consider this to be a western area, and horses are frequently utilised to travel about. As demonstrated by their dress code, the people are of a somewhat western disposition.

People are currently visiting this region since it is expected to become much more developed in the next years, so have a look at these 15 Things to Do in Lubbock (Texas)

1, Stars and Stripes drive

 lubbock texas

It’s a spot where you may watch a movie with your family or friends, or sit in your car as a pair. You may also purchase some food to eat at this location, which is quite clean and sanitary and where you can watch a movie.

Sitting under the stars and just chilling with your lover is highly suggested for couples, and because there are relatively few visitors, there will be no rush.

The ticket is accessible both online and offline, and it is quite inexpensive; anyone can afford it, and you can choose any car that suits your needs.

2, First Friday art trail

 lubbock texas

Every month on the first Friday, the First Friday art trail is a site where you may find numerous artistic items for free.

You can take your family there because it is a family-friendly location where you will learn a lot.

It takes place in the evenings between 6 and 9 p.m., and you must self-guide yourself to the art you wish to see. Artists, musicians, and others who enjoy themselves are among the visitors. The feedback on this location has been positive, according to those who have visited.

3, Moonlight music amphitheatre

moonlight music amphitheatre

It has 920 seats and is a large amphitheatre that hosts a variety of events, plays, stage shows, and special events.

The events that take place here are quite enjoyable to witness. Every day, there are shows to see, so you may go watch them whenever you like.

4, Joyland amusement park

lubbock tx

It is a family-friendly location where you may enjoy a variety of rides, similar to those found at other amusement parks and resorts.

This location is relatively inexpensive, and it is a must-see if you are visiting Lubbock, Texas.

There are also water rides and various roller coasters to enjoy. It is a really large place, and you will need to spend the entire day here to experience all of the rides. When you visit, you will sense something magical in the air.

5, Science spectrum Museum

lubbock tx

Science Spectrum is a science and technology museum with an aquarium on the premises, making it the only aquarium in western Texas.

There is also an Omni theatre, a 160-degree domed screen film hall. There are also 250 exhibits and live science performances that will wow you.

It’s one of the most appealing sites to visit, and if you’re interested in science, there’s a little more to discover there.

6, Palo Duro Canyon State Park

lubbock tx

It is the world’s second-largest canyon, and it is located in Lubbock, Texas. You can explore it for a very low price, and it has a lot to offer.

You may rent a horse there, go hiking, or simply walk around and see what the area has to offer. It’s the ideal spot for photography because it’s at the top, with an incredible view.

This site allows you to host an event and ride a tough bike there, which you can rent for the day or use to explore the area.

7, Silent Wings Museum

lubbock tx

This museum is located on the site where World War II took place, and there is a lot to see and do here. Many things can be learned, such as how troops felt during World War 2.

Every day, there is a 15-minute display show in which you may learn about the fate of wing commander gliders. The history, hangar, combat galleries, and images from that era are all available to visitors. It is a must-see attraction for everyone visiting Lubbock, Texas.

8, CapRock Winery

caprock winery

This business is operated by women and is a lovely location to visit where you can sample various wines and foods while listening to live music.

You can enjoy it here with your partner or family in the evening. It features a lovely garden at the entrance where you may relax after your meal.

9, Cactus Theatre

cactus theatre

The Cactus Theatre in Lubbock, Texas, hosts a variety of musicians and musical performances.

The visitors’ nights were lit up by live shows and theatrical performances. You can also book the balcony, which is now the best feature of the theatre and provides the best view.

The musicians of this theatre are well-known, and there is a group known as the Cactus Cuties, which is a group of females who were previously invited to perform on a Disney Channel show.

10, Museum of Texas Tech University

things to do in lubbock tx

This museum is located in Lubbock and covers a wide range of topics. This museum has far more things to see and do than any other.

It consists of the main museum structure, as well as numerous planetariums and scientific research facilities.

There are diamond galleries there, as well as numerous beautiful things to see, such as pottery created by an Indian artisan. This is a worthwhile destination to see, and the greatest part is that, like other museums, it is always open for you to visit at any time, on any day. Lubbock Ballet is a company based in Lubbock,

11, Ballet Lubbock

things to do in lubbock tx

This location has a unique ambiance that you may enjoy with your family, friends, or as a couple.

The presentations here are excellent, and you will enjoy the atmosphere here; everything has a regal feel to it. You can reserve your seats before entering, or you may be able to do so online.

This is one of the most popular destinations for people to visit once in a while, and the reviews are really positive.

12, Buddy Holly Statue and West Texas Walk of Fame

things to do in lubbock tx

This is Buddy Holly’s statue, which is located across Lubbock’s streets. Every Saturday morning, there is a yoga event.

This is organised by a yoga group and is both lovely and beneficial to participate in.

The majority of visitors come here to photograph the statue. After that, there is a market nearby where you can walk and purchase items for yourself.

13, Buffalo Springs Lake

things to do in lubbock tx

This place is quite happy; various activities take place on a regular basis, and it is the perfect spot to hang out with family, friends, and other people.

This site is not free to enter, but it is a very low price that is well worth it when there is an event taking place here; otherwise, it is just a normal lake where you may breathe fresh air, sit quietly, and take some cool photos.

14, Bayer Museum of Agriculture

things to do in lubbock tx

This is a great location to learn about agriculture and the technologies that have been employed in agriculture. It’s a large museum where they only make you learn about agriculture, and there’s nothing else to do in Lubbock that’s more intriguing, and you’ll pick up a lot of information side by side.

There are also distinct sections for children, as well as a gift shop with some fascinating items to purchase. Which is what draws the majority of museum visitors.

15, Prairie Dog Town

things to do in lubbock tx

There are numerous wild animals to see, but prairie dogs are one of the best, and watching them is like watching a child because they are so adorable.

It began with just four prairie dogs and has since grown to become one of Lubbock’s most popular tourist attractions.

It was renovated between 2004 and 2005, and as a result, it became more appealing and attention grabbing as a result of this animal.

The best part is that it is completely free, and you are welcome to bring anyone you want. It is located near a golf course in Lubbock, Texas.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Lubbock, TX, these are some of the top places you should go.

We hope that this blog will answer all of your questions about Lubbock, Texas, and that you will contact us if you have any further questions.

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