Does it Snow in Seattle? A Seattleite’s Perspective.

Does it snow in Seattle?

We in the Pacific Northwest are used to a lot of rain, but does it ever snow in Seattle? The quick answer is yes, although it is uncommon, occurring just once or twice every winter. If you’re planning a trip to Seattle and want to know if you’ll need your long johns and down coat, this guide will tell you how often it snows in Seattle, how much snow there usually is, what the weather is like in the winter, and more.

Does it snow in Seattle? That is an issue that has been argued for years. I’m sure you’ve heard the stories that it never snows here due to our proximity to the lake, and there are several publications on the internet that state the same thing.

Does it snow in Seattle


That being said, I can confidently state that we have already seen snow this year, yet there are still four months until winter officially finishes! So, do you believe it snows in Seattle or not? Yes, it does snow in Seattle, in my opinion. Although not as frequently as other parts of the country, the Northwest has had its fair share of snow in recent years.

What the Weather is Like in Seattle

Seattle may not get a lot of snow, but we do get enough to enjoy a winter season. However, due to our low latitude and proximity to the ocean, as temperatures rise, the snow evaporates swiftly. The Puget Sound region receives an average of 6 inches of snow each year, with the city of Seattle receiving less than 1 inch.

The last time it snowed more than an inch was on January 13th and 14th, 2016, and even then, the total amount was just 2 inches! The next large accumulation is expected between December 25th and 26th, 2020. (which will be a full decade since our last big storm).

Does it snow in Seattle


Seattle is a fairly rainy city, and we’re also lucky enough to receive a lot of snow! However, the amount and frequency of snowfall vary throughout the year, so let’s have a look at what you may anticipate to see when you visit us throughout the various seasons.

Different seasons in Seattle

Seattle does not have a traditional winter season, but if you want to catch some snow while you’re here, now is the time! While some days will be mild enough for rain or even (surprisingly) sun, there will also be plenty of days where it snows – up to 6 inches per day in December and January!

Temperatures range from a low of 27 degrees Fahrenheit (-3 degrees Celsius) in December to a high of 43 degrees Fahrenheit (+6 degrees Celsius) in February. So, yeah, it snows in Seattle – but not as frequently as it does elsewhere!

Does it snow in Seattle


What to Expect When it Rains or Snows in Seattle?

Seattle’s weather is typically gloomy and chilly, with minimal seasonal variance. All year, the temperature swings from the 50s to the 60s Fahrenheit, so expect cold winters and warm summers! But, does it ever snow here? Yes, although not to the same extent as other places such as Chicago or New York City. It snows a few times a year, but only for a few days at a time.

And when it rains, it doesn’t linger long – no extended rainy periods that create floods as on the East Coast! We get roughly 10 inches of rain each year and fewer than five inches of snow per year! Though we don’t get a lot of rain, this actually makes for great beach days in the summer because there are plenty of sunny days (an average of 170 days per year) and we don’t have to worry about water pollution from heavy rain.

Does it snow in Seattle

In Seattle, there are four different seasons that can assist you decide what sort of gear to pack based on where you’re going: Autumn (September to November), Winter (December to March), Spring (April to June), and Summer (July-August). Summers are dryer with cooler evenings, while winters are wetter, windier, and cooler.

Autumn has beautiful foliage and cooler temperatures, whereas Spring has blossoming trees and flowers as well as more precipitation (rainy/wet)! Temperatures in the summer range from the high 80s to the low 90s Fahrenheit, but this is not a rainy season unless there is an Indian Summer.


Seattleites, I hope you all had fun in the snow this morning! Though snow is a rare event in Seattle and does not come frequently, when it does, we can be thrilled because of how beautiful everything appears with snow on the trees and on the ground. It’s amazing to walk outside and enjoy nature at its best.

One of my favourite aspects of living here is the opportunity to experience something unique, just as each city has its own identity. So, does Seattle get snow? Yes! And, while we don’t get much, when we do, I usually have a good time! It’s very wonderful to view the snowy scenery around me, but I’m grateful we got through this storm. Does it snow in your location as well, or are you from somewhere with mountains for skiing and other enjoyable winter activities?

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You can expect snow when there is heavy rainfall only.

January is the coldest month in Seattle


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