ISLA MUCURA [Ultimate Travel Guide With Food & Activities 2023]

Introduction of the Island

Isla Mucura is a Colombian island in the Caribbean Sea. The best place to watch a beautiful sunset from a beach lounge chair. Isla Mucura is only accessible by boat and will take approximately 2 hours to reach.

In this blog, you will see some of the best activities that you should not miss here, as well as some of the best foods that you should try; all of the information in this blog is based on my personal experiences and suggestions from locals.

While on a boat, you will notice that there is another island known as Santa Cruz before Isla Mucura, as well as many small islands that can only be visited by boat.

However, among all of them, Isla Mucura is the most popular and tourists love to visit this island, and Santa Cruz is also a good island to visit in my experience.

And it is because of this island that Columbia has a high tourist rate. It is the only country in South America with coats on both the Caribbean and Pacific oceans.

Isla Mucura


How to visit Isla Mucura

The only way to visit the island is by boat, which will cost you around $30. The boat is comfortable, and it is a fantastic experience to take photos here. The journey takes two hours, and the first ferry departs at 8.30 a.m. The most important thing to remember is that you cannot bring too much luggage because it is not permitted on the ferry.

Cheapest Hotel on Isla Mucura

There are 22 hotels on these islands, all of which have beautiful scenery and places to take amazing photos. But in this article, we’ll look at which hotels are the most affordable on Isla Mucura and what amenities they provide.


  1. Hotel Punta Faro
  2. Hotel Isla Muruca
  3. Mistica Island Hotel
  4. House on water
  5. Mucura club hotel
  6. Hotel Punta Norte
  7. Isla roots
  8. Dahlia
  9. Quinta del Mar Tintipan
  10. Hotel Isla Parma Reserva Natural
  11. Santa Cruz Islote Hotel
  12. Cabana Sal Si Puedes
  13. Decameron Isla Palma
  14. Puerto Caracol Escohostal Island Mucura
  15. Quinta del mar sunset
  16. Tintipan Ashram
  17. Restaurante Puntanorte
  18. Hotel Estrella de mar
  19. Santa Cruz del Islote Hotel
  20. Casita Acuarimantima
  21. Casa tinti hotel boutique
  22. Hotel Isla Gaviota

Some of the hotels on this list are also from other islands and locations. And I’ve mentioned all of them so that you can choose a hotel if you’re visiting another island as well.

And now let’s see the cheapest hotel in Isla Mucura

The hotel’s name is ‘HOTEL ISLA MUCURA,’ and it is also the cheapest because they offer so much for the price. You will get free wifi, a spa, a private beachfront, good food, and many other amenities.

Isla Mucura

This hotel costs only 94.70 USD for up to two people and includes a large bed that is comfortable for two people. And if you are four people with two rooms, you will get a fantastic deal of 145$. You can get this price by clicking on the link below.

This hotel has a lot of amenities for a low price, and it is recommended that you book your room ahead of time so that you don’t have any problems when you visit the island.

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Things to do in Isla Mucura (Highly recommended)

There are plenty of things to do on this island other than lie on a beach and watch colourful fish. Some of the activities available here are done professionally, and I have personally experienced all of them, so I will share my thoughts on them.

Isla Mucura

If you are afraid of doing such daring activities, there are other options for you, such as visiting a neighbouring island, which is very popular among visitors to Isla Mucura.

If you’re wondering about the prices of the activities available on this island, they’re very reasonable, and all of the details are provided below.

• Boating

This is the most common occurrence when visiting an island. However, if you are on Isla Mucura, it is critical that you visit nearby islands as well. If you do not visit other islands and explore this area, your trip will be the most boring.

Isla Mucura


It will only cost you $6-$7 to visit another island from Isla Mucura. It is the only mode of transportation at this location, and the boatman is also friendly and will show you where to sit. The boat is always full of tourists, and you will rarely see an empty boat roaming around.

• Fishing

Fishing is the only activity that can be done if you have good skills, but it is so easy to catch fish here because there are so many fish. In fact, the fish can be seen at the beginning of the beach.

Isla Mucura


It is the best activity to do while visiting Isla Mucura. There are numerous benefits to fishing, including full-body stretching, self-reliance, relaxation, and, of course, catching fish to grill and eat. It will be more enjoyable if you are in a group or with family.

• Snorkelling

Snorkeling is a great activity to do here because of the fish, and it is well worth your time. They will provide you with an oxygen mask, and you will be able to go deep inside the beach. Before entering the water, you will be shown a complete guided video.

After watching the video, you can ask your questions, and it is recommended that you do not be shy at this point; simply ask whatever you want to ask, and the staff will answer all of your questions.

Isla Mucura

After snorkelling, you will experience a mild headache, which is normal, and they will provide you with a video shot by the GoPro inside the beach. The water is dark blue, and it gets darker as you go deeper. However, try to stay in the middle because there will be more fish and your video will be much better.

Visiting Santa Cruz Del Islote

This island is located next to Isla Mucura and is famous for its population. It may sound strange, but it is the most densely populated island on the planet, and the size of the island in comparison to its population is incredible.

It has a total area of 130,680.0 sq ft and more than 1200 people live there. This island was created by locals using debris, stone, coral, and other materials during low tide, and because it was a small island, people relocated to another island. So that it doesn’t turn into a shambles.

Isla Mucura


It was built in 1870, and it is a very quiet and peaceful place. However, in 2018, an incident occurred in which many residents were affected by the waves and hidden tide. Overall, this is a worthwhile destination to visit, and the locals will share many stories with you; they are extremely friendly and helpful to visitors to their island.

• Swimming with Bioluminescent Plankton

It is the best thing you can do at this location, and it is primarily not on Isla Mucura, but rather nearby, on an island known as ‘Isla Tintipan,’ which you must visit to experience this beautiful beach at night.

It’s one of the most memorable experiences, and it feels like you’re watching an animated video; for those who see it for the first time, it’ll be incredible. This is the kind of place that is solely known for its natural beauty.

Isla Mucura

This blue colour light is produced by some fungi and microorganisms, including bioluminescent bacteria, and it comes from living organisms. Swimming between them is also not harmful. So you can jump into the blue light without thinking about it.

• Tintipan Island

It is a party island with many activities, and it is close to Isla Mucura, which is popular with tourists. This island’s specialty is watching and swimming in bioluminescent water.

Isla Mucura

It has a lot to offer, such as good food; you will find many unknown dishes on restaurant menus, so try them out. There are also the most beautiful and best beaches here, which are very popular throughout all of the islands.

• Visiting Isla Baru

It is an island similar to Isla Mucura and has some of the best things to do; this island is famous for white-sand beaches, and tourism on this island is increased solely because of the glass-clear water and white sand.

This island has a population of 20,000 people, who are always eager to assist tourists by explaining local customs. Because it is a small island, the locals treat every visitor as if they are family, and they want everyone to be happy.

There are a variety of places to eat delicious food, as well as options for water sports and activities, which is another reason to visit this location.

Best Beaches On Isla Mucura

There are many beaches on this island as well as nearby islands, and to keep the list short, I have listed some of the best beaches in Isla Mucura. If you visit here, make sure to check out these beaches because they have all of the best activities and main attractions. Furthermore, these beaches are the most popular on the islands, and visitors flock here.

  1. Barù Peninsula
  2. Islas de Rosario (Rosary Islands)
  3. San Bernardo Archipelago

You should visit these beaches because they have the cleanest water and all of the activities. And you’ll see a lot of other tourists like you at these beaches, and all three are recommended by locals.

Isla Mucura

• Food on the islands

Food on Isla Mucura is a bit difficult to come by because there is only one shop where you can eat, and there is no supermarket or small mall where you can buy food. There are no other good options on Isla Mucura, so your only option is to eat the food served by your hotel.

But, with the help of the locals, I discovered that there is a better option for food on Tintipan island, which is close to Isla Mucura, and you can visit there by boat, which is the only way to travel from one island to another.

So, while Casa en el Agua is the most popular and visited restaurant on Tintipan Island, there are other bars and restaurants on the island. However, Casa en el Agua is the best.

Casa en el Agua:

It is surrounded by water, and the size of this restaurant is small but spacious; it also offers beds and, of course, good food. The drinks they serve are good and strong, the restaurant is reasonably priced, and it is recommended that you go with your friends and family. If you come here with a group, the fun will be multiplied.

While drinking and eating delectable food, soft music plays in the background. The staff is also well-behaved and friendly; this is a great place for a party; music is played until 4 a.m., and people dance the entire night. In addition, you can do activities like kayaking and snorkelling during the day, making this a complete package.

Overall, you should go here at least once to experience the party atmosphere. It’s close to Isla Mucura, so it shouldn’t bother you too much.


Isla Mucura is the best island to visit, and if you are planning a trip or vacation, you should definitely go there. There are happy people there, and the atmosphere is full of party nights and activities during the day. Because of the high quality of the items available on the island, the number of visitors is increasing on a daily basis.


This location has very positive reviews, which you can find on other websites. You can also leave your own review after your visit in the comment box below. Last but not least, whenever you visit this island, make sure to visit another island as well. Because all of them are nearby and local people will also suggest you visit other islands for activities and good food.

So there you have it, the complete guide to Isla Mucura. I hope it helps you plan your trip, and if you have any questions about the place or this post, please leave them in the comments section below. And this blog is updated for the year 2021, and if there are any changes, they will be posted here.

Also, if you want to see a virtual tour of Isla Mucura as well as this blog in video format, check out our YouTube video below.

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