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TOP-RATED Secret places in New Hampshire

Secret places in New Hampshire

Secret places in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a lovely state with many interesting sites to visit. However, unless you’re an experienced hiker or climber, it’s easy to become disoriented in the bush and have no idea where you’ll wind up. Fortunately for you, we’ve assembled a list of several hidden gems in New Hampshire that will impress even the most seasoned outdoor enthusiasts

Mount Major

Mount Major is New Hampshire’s highest summit, rising 4,393 feet above sea level. It is accessible by automobile or hiking trail and provides a breathtaking view of the White Mountains. The top contains an observation tower with panoramic views of all four New Hampshire border states: Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, and Maine (which is not part of this region).

Mount Major was once a popular destination for hikers who wanted to get away from civilization but still have access to some great trails through state parks like Sugar Hill Resort State Park in the White Mountains Region, which includes Mount Major and other peaks throughout this area including the Presidential Range, Stonewall Mountain/Saddleback Mountain Cluster, and Lawson Peak Cluster; Bartlett Reservoir Area, and Pine Lake Reservoir Area.

Secret places in New Hampshire

Flume Gorge

Flume Gorge is one of Franconia Notch State Park’s most prominent visitor attractions. The gorge was carved by the same glaciers that formed the White Mountains, and it has become a popular destination for hikers who want to take in the scenery without having to trek far.

The flume is almost 400 feet long and has 11 waterfalls that flow down cliffs or traverse through tunnels. High Falls, the largest of the cascades, falls around 100 feet into Lower Flume Pond before spilling into Upper Flume Pond below. It’s impossible not to be awestruck by such a magnificent natural wonder and if you’re lucky enough to visit during peak season (July-August), you’ll be in good company!

Clark’s Trading Post

Clark’s Trading Post, located in Lincoln, New Hampshire, is a family-owned business that sells souvenirs, presents, and food. The store features a huge collection of Native American art, a gift shop, and a restaurant.

The Trading Post has been in operation for almost 40 years and is located on the property of the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center.

Ice Castles

In Franconia, New Hampshire, Ice Castles is a winter attraction. It is a public ice sculpture park that is open from December to March. There are both guided and self-directed tours available, so you can choose whether or not to use their services.

Ice Castles’ ice castles were handcrafted by expert artisans using only natural materials such as snow and ice blocks (no glue). The shapes are frequently quirky; some resemble animals, while others are abstractions of nature; yet they’re just as amazing up close as they are from a distance!

Secret places in New Hampshire

Sandwich Notch Road

The White Mountain National Forest’s Sandwich Notch Road is a hiking trail. The 3.2-mile loop route begins at the intersection of White Mountain Drive and Sandwich Notch Road and continues along the north side of Skyline Drive to the Wolf Den Mountain Trailhead.

Because of its duration and elevation increase, the hike is classified moderate, but it’s open year-round, so you can schedule your trip accordingly if you’re searching for something to do when snow isn’t predicted or if rain showers restrict outdoor activity during the fall months.

Jigger Johnson Campground

Jigger Johnson Campground is nestled in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, about 15 miles from downtown Keene. Tent camping, RV parking, and cabins are available at the campground. Visitors to this family-friendly campground can enjoy a swimming pool, playground, picnic pavilion, and store. A restaurant serves dinner daily from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m., and a laundry room is available to Jigger Johnson Campground guests during business hours.

The Flume Gorge

Keene, New Hampshire is home to the Flume Gorge. It is accessible by Route 2A, the main highway that connects Keene to state lines and other parts of New England. Because of its natural beauty and accessibility from adjacent highways, the Flume Gorge is a popular area for hiking, riding, and swimming.

To reach there from downtown Keene or Interstate 91 (which runs east/west), take Exit 9 off I-91 onto Route 2A South, which leads to Merrimack Valley Regional Airport (MAK). When you reach the intersection at the bottom of this exit ramp, turn left onto Lamoille Road North toward Bellows Falls Avenue/Route 5 East/West before turning right onto Route 5 West for about a mile until it ends at a T intersection with signs directing drivers to Glencliff Park or Forest Road 21N/Somerset Street NE.

Secret places in New Hampshire

Mount Monadnock

Mount Monadnock, located in southeastern New Hampshire, is a 3,165-foot peak. It is the highest peak in southeastern New Hampshire and one of the state’s most popular hiking sites for visitors.

Mount Monadnock has two summits: one 1.4 miles away at 2,360 feet (720 m) elevation and another 1.8 miles away at 2,413 feet elevation (738 m). This makes it somewhat shorter than Mount Washington but taller than several other mountains in New Hampshire, notably Cannon Mountain (1 mile/1 km away) at just over 3000 feet!

Lost River Gorge

The Lost River Gorge is a stunning location for hiking and exploring. There are numerous waterfalls, hiking routes, and picnic places to explore. When viewed from above, the gorge is a breathtaking sight, but if you want to get up close and personal with nature’s grandeur, there are various routes that will lead you deep into the gorge!

If this sounds like something your family or friends would like doing on their next vacation, keep reading because I have some fantastic ideas for them!

Mount Kearsarge North

Mount Kearsarge North is a mountain in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, northwest of Franconia Notch State Park and east of Crawford Notch. It is part of the Presidential Range, which also includes Mount Washington, one of America’s highest summits at 6,288 feet (1,928 m).

The greatest time to explore Mount Kearsarge North is during the fall foliage season, when reds and oranges are at their optimum. You’ll also be able to observe whether or not it’s snowing over New Hampshire’s lakes and mountains! If you don’t want to trek up there but still want to see some gorgeous scenery while visiting New Hampshire, travel over here by car or bike – both are enjoyable ways to spend time alone while seeing nature at its best!

Secret places in New Hampshire

Mount Cardigan

Mount Cardigan is the tallest peak in the Pemigewasset Wilderness Area, which is part of the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire. The Pemigewasset Wilderness Area is located in the state’s eastern portion, stretching from Route 4 to Gorham and north into Maine. It has some of the most popular hiking paths in New England, including Devil’s Den, Major Appleton, and Alta Peak.

The summit itself provides spectacular views of four states: Massachusetts to the east, Vermont to the north, Connecticut and Rhode Island to the south, and Maine, New Hampshire’s neighbour, just over the southern side.

Rattlesnake Mountain

Rattlesnake Mountain is a mountain in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. It is located in Grafton County, New Hampshire, south of the city of North Conway. The mountain was named for a rattlesnake that once dwelt there.


If you want to see the mountains, here are some of the top places in New Hampshire. There are numerous opportunities to visit Mount Monadnock or Mount Cardigan. If hiking is more your thing, check out Mount Kearsarge North!

So these are some of the best Secret places in New Hampshire and these places are recommended by locals, so you should go since it was like a new experience for me when I went to these places, and now it’s your chance.

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