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TOP BEST THINGS TO DO IN PACIFIC GROVE [Suggested by local people] updated 2023

Things to do in Pacific Grove

Things to do in Pacific Grove

Pacific Grove was established in the year 1889 and has only 1300 permanent resident and later on with the years now it is developed so much and there are lots of things to do in Pacific Grove.

Pacific Grove is one of the states which provides you with lots of adventurous things and the beautiful ocean will make you calm and chill.

There are some of the best things to do in Pacific Grove which will amaze you and drive you crazy if you will visit such beautiful places. This place has lots of fishes and an aquarium that will make you happy if you visit there.

You can say that it is the most peaceful place where you can visit and chill near the low tide ocean with your travel mate and a lot more to do.

Pacific Grove is the most historical place in the whole california and almost 75% of houses are historical but now most of them have turned into antique cafe shops.

Because of the vintage look of this place there are many films that have been shooted here and there might be chances to see some film shoots when you are in Pacific grove.

List of the best things you should do when you visit Pacific Grove:

1, Play a Round of Golf at the Pacific Grove

It was established in 1932, the first nine holes will take you through the forested areas of Pacific grove Egan’s nine will take you through the inland terrain of the charm English rural course done in old-style which will give you a wonderful experience. And it has the best views of another golf club, and the best part is you can book your tickets at a convenience.

And the view from the golf court is worth going to and it is highly recommended by the people who stay there and you can book your tickets online too.

Various events are happening from time to time there so you can also take part in them. You can also do some of the other golf course if interested which will be very fun if you do so.
It also offers you a special view of the lover’s point, the Pacific Ocean, point pianos lighthouse and Asilomar beach.

This place also offers you a driving range, golf shop and the point pianos lighthouse is like a restaurant where you can chill out with your
Lunch, dinner, and breakfast.

Things to do in Pacific grove

Details of the place

Address: 77 Asilomar Ave, Pacific Grove, CA 93950, United States

Phone Number: +1 831-648-5775


2, visit Sea life at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

There are numerous fishes that you will see if you go there and there are a total of 30 species of mammals in that aquarium.

There are four-foot-long sea otter and hundred-foot long blue whale and their numerous types of sharks and other rare type of fish that you will see.
And this aquarium is as big as 276 miles and it will take you a day to explore some special part of this aquarium because you won’t be able to explore the whole aquarium in one day because it is too big.

There are a total of 94 different sea birds that you will see in this aquarium including the California brown pelican.

Things to do in Pacific grove

Details of the place

Address: 886 Cannery Row, Monterey, CA 93940, United States

Phone Number: +1 831-648-4800


3, Asilomar State Beach

You can relax on this beach and there are very less crowd on the beach it is a very popular beach where tourist spends there most of the time and just chill out here.

You can also come here for a morning walk and jogging as it is very big and in the morning you will see lots of people jogging in front of the beach.

While going through your walk you can look at the Asilomar dunes nature preserve you also got the opportunity to stay there for nights.
There are a variety of overnight staying lodging rooms, hotels, dining and conference room for office meeting etc.

Things to do in Pacific grove

Details of the place

Address: Sunset Dr, Pacific Grove, CA 93950, United States

Phone Number: +1 831-646-6440


4, Cannery Row

It is the Monetary section of California, and it is the waterfront street. Ina January 1958 it got the nickname John Steinbeck as ocean view Avenue.
When you will visit there you can experience a lot of things there and you will get a lot of knowledge from this place.

Cannery Row is itself is the best tourist attraction because it has a lot of restaurants and hotels and some of the historic buildings from which you will get a lot of knowledge.
Some privately owned fishing company still exists in cannery Row which you can see there and click some beautiful picture with them.

Things to do in Pacific grove

Details of the place

Address: Cannery Row & Wave Streets 700 Cannery Row, Monterey, CA 93940

Phone Number: +1 831-649-6690


5, Kissing Rock

It is called the most romantic place in America when this rock was found in 1970 it’s a perfect example of love and the rock is just like a moustache gentlemen is kissing a lady.

Just like this rock many people come here for some special memories and to click photos with the rock.

Many magazines have written an article on this topic as it is so beautiful to see this and if you are travelling to Pacific grove you must at least for one time visit here because it will drive you crazy that how can a rock kiss each other like a couple.

The kissing rock becomes so famous that many couples just visit this place to see the rock and click some cool photos with the rock as other people do.

Things to do in Pacific grove

Details of the place

Address: 1111 Ocean View Blvd, Pacific Grove, CA 93950, United States


6, Butterfly House

It is very crazy to decide which is more magical, there are hundreds of vibrant handcrafted butterflies prominently on display all over the property and the inspiring history behind this amazing labour of love.

This place has gone for construction two times and it is so wonderful to see the beauty again reshape and renewed by the artist who has created this art on this property.

It is a very popular and tourist attracted place in the pacific grove. This place is very much recommended by many of the visitors who visit here because it is very rarely a moment for anyone to see such kind of art in this world.

Things to do in Pacific grove

Details of the place

Address: 309 9th St, Pacific Grove, CA 93950, United States

Phone Number: +1 831-373-5738


7, Lovers Point

Lover’s point is so wonderful place to visit it is like a small town which has a beach in it and you can also walk through it with your family and friends.

You can also see many squirrels over there it is a very clean place where you can visit and also stay there by renting out a hotel. You can also do swimming and kayaking you can rent kayaks there or can bring your own it is very enjoyable for you.

You can also bring your huge coffee mug from the nearest Starbucks and just chill there and make some friends with squirrels there.

Things to do in Pacific grove

Details of the place

Address: 631 Ocean View Blvd, Pacific Grove, CA 93950, United States

Phone Number: +1 831-648-3134


8, Passion Fish

It is a restaurant run by husband and wife who believe in serving the best quality food and believe it as a art to serve good food to the customer.

It is very popular restaurant and locals love to eat at this place. The speciality of this restaurant food is sea food and desert and it is worth visiting once your are in Pacific grove.

You have to get reserved before visiting this place and it is very affordable restaurant with a good food and if you want to get reserved you can check out the official website below.

Things to do in Pacific grove

Details of the place

Address: 701 Lighthouse Avenue, Pacific Grove, CA 93950


9, Monarch Resort

It is the most affordable resort in Pacific grove and instead of taking hotel rooms you should stya in this resort because many of the sights in Pacific grove is near by this resort.

It is very close to 17 mile drive which is world famous also you will find nearby world class golf and many more attractions.

This resort is surrounded by wildlife do you can also enjoy that things when you will stay in this resort. And atlast the service and rooms of this resort are very good and it is most suggested place from the locals.

Things to do in Pacific grove

Details of the place

Address: 584 Central Avenue · Pacific Grove, CA 93950

Phone number: (831) 373-3304


10, Kayaking at monetary Bay

It is the must things to do in Pacific grove and to get in depth of this place you will get a guide with you about the history as well as wild life oh this areas.

The price of kayak is also very affordable and starts with just 45$ per head with a guide and it open at 9 am and closes at 7 pm so befor you come here make a plan.

There are many activities and events that happens here on a daily basis like for eg kayaking clases, wildlife viewing, marine conservation lessons, monetary Bay birding festival and many more.

Things to do in Pacific grove

Detail of the place

Address: 693 Del Monte Avenue, Monterey, California, 93940

Phone number: 831-373-5357


These are the some best top 10 things to do in Pacific grove if you are planning to travel to this place this blog will help you to take your decision to make your vacation to the fullest.

And if you want to see this blog in video format you will see attached YouTube video below for that. so you can also checkout and understand about the places before planning for your vacation and I hope this will definitely help you.

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