THINGS TO DO IN ST JOSEPH MO (Places that make your trip complete)

St Joseph was named after the founder of this town who’s name is Joseph Robidoux. And some small part of St Joseph is extended into Andrew Country.

The population of St Joseph is around 76,860 which make it the eighth largest cities in the state. And also it is the third-largest exporter in the state with almost 1$ billion in a year.

This place is famous for the birthplace of famous rapper Eminem who grew up here and made his career in Detroit. And many famous personalities have born in this place.

But if you are visiting this place for a vacation you have made an awesome decision because this place is too good for vacations and short trip. And the people here are very welcoming.

In many hotels, they welcome the customer in their style which is very interesting. Also, this place is very quiet and calm and has all the tourist places are very actively working all over the year.

This city has so many museums and that shows that this place is very historical and to make it short in the list I have mentioned top museums at Joseph which you should visit.

In total there are top 10 best things to do in St Joseph mo and if you want to see the video format related to this topic then you can check it out at the last of this blog.

List of things to do in St Joseph Mo

1, Cool crest golf miniature

It is a perfect golf garden where you can visit with your family and friends and there are so many small golf courts where you can play golf and some of them are very tricky and hard to play.

This place is not much crowded and that’s what makes it a very cool place you can buy your tickets from there and it is very budget-friendly it will cost you only 7-9$ which depends on the age group.

This place is now 70 years old and it is well maintained. For 70 years it is serving the best entertainment in the town. You will also find seatings over there where you can chill and have breakfast and coffee.

Things to do in St Joseph mo

Details of the place


Address: 1400 N Belt Hwy, St Joseph, MO 64506, United States

2, St Joseph riverpark

This park offers some of the other things for every age group like there is playground equipment, bicycle paths and walking park and seating area.

Under the white circular shade, there are benches where you can sit and relax with your family and friends and near this park you will see coffee shop, antique shop and restaurants and many more things.

It is an ideal place for a stop as it is next to the highway you can visit easily whenever you cross by this place also in every festival they lit up this place and the festival they organize is almost every month.

Things to do in St Joseph mo

Details of the place


Address: Saint Joseph River Park, Niles, MI 49120, USA

3, Frontier casino

It is the best casino in the town next to the river park so you can visit both the places in one day and as it is next to the Missouri river you can have your breakfast while listening to the flowing water.

This casino has slot machines, table games, and a buffet restaurant with entertainment every weekend. There is a nice little gift shop where you can buy small things for memories.

They offer good food and the ratings of this place is 4.8/5 which is too good for a casino. It also has perfect parking space outside and the river park is next to it.

Things to do in St Joseph mo

Details of the place


Phone Number: +1 816-279-5514

Address: 777 Winners Circle, St. Joseph, MO 64505

4, Glore Psychiatric Museum

It is a part of St Joseph, Missouri museum and it is a very different kind of museum and you won’t have seen this before and that is why it is worth visiting.

As it is a very unusual museum it ranks fifty for one of the most unusual and unique museums in the United States. It was established in the year 1967. It has a very psychiatric history behind the museum.

The staff of this museum is very friendly and very helpful to answer your doubts. The price to visit this museum is very cheap starts from just 4$ per person.

Things to do in St Joseph mo

Details of the place


Phone Number: +1 816-364-1209

Address: 3406 Frederick Ave, St Joseph, MO 64506, United States

5, Patee House

Patee house is also known as a later house museum. It was opened as a hotel in 1860 but now it turned out into a museum and there is lotOfIf history behind it.

In 2008 it was selected as America’s top ten western museums. It has too many things to see and a small tour will also impress you. There are lots of antique things such as phones, furniture and a train in middle of the building.

You can also see Jesse James home it is at the side of this museum. You can ask the staff if you are not able to find it.

Things to do in St Joseph mo

Details of the place


Phone Number: +1 816-232-8206

Address: 1202 Penn St, St Joseph, MO 64503, United States

6, Welch Spring Hospital ruins

It is a very beautiful place to walk around and there is all around greenery at this place in between flowing water and the sound of this flowing water is very positive and the water is very clean.

It is a little bit hard to reach at this place because there is no exact location which you can follow and reach the place, by asking locals you can reach easily that’s what everybody does.

The review of this place is very positive and the rating is 4.8/5 which shows that people love to visit this place and experience the wildlife of St Joseph.

Things to do in St Joseph mo

Details of the place


Address: Jadwin, MO 65501, United States

7, Albrecht Kemper Museum of Arts

This place is a pure definition of art. There are so many things that you can see in various kinds of artwork. They also held events very frequently in which you can visit.

Also many exhibitions of artwork which is very interesting to see. Some of the art is so real that you will be shocked to see and one which is a favourite of mine is the painting of the window it looks like you are watching outside but when you look closely it appears to be a painting.

The tickets price is also very cheap for entry below the age of 6 it is free and then it starts from 5$ and maximum it is just 7.18$. And the ratings of this place is 4.5/5 and reviews are also too good.

Things to do in St Joseph mo

Details of the place


Phone Number: +1 816-233-7003

Address: 2818 Frederick Ave, St Joseph, MO 64506, United States

8, Lovers Lane, St. Joseph, Missouri

The best place to drive and walk. It is just a residential area but the houses are rare to see. They have big lawns and a retro look of the houses and roads.

This place is very quiet and peaceful. Great tree shades sidewalk so that you can walk with your partner or the other things is you can take your dog for a walk to this place.

It is a historical lane you will have to take this route because all the fun places and museum are near to it.

Things to do in St Joseph mo

Details of the place

Address: Lovers Ln, St Joseph, MO, USA

9, Schweizer Orchards

It is a fun place with playground and a giant chair with that you can click some awesome photos and the staff is very good in nature and share so much of information with the people who visit here.

They have wide variety of homegrown vegetables and fruits. Sometimes it is crowded and hard to find parking but overall it is a perfect place to visit with family.

You can also get various kind of sauces there and you can take them to your home and the best sauce which I like is BBQ sauce.

Things to do in St Joseph mo

Details of the place


Phone Number: +1 816-232-3999

Address: 5455 SE State Rte Ff, St Joseph, MO 64507, United States

10, Krug Park

Krug Park is a very big city park and it has 163 acres of land in which you will see a rose garden, a picnic area, amphitheatre, logoon, scenic walking trails and an Italian Castle and various playgrounds.

It becomes a more beautiful place on holidays because they lit up everything when it is the season of a tourist visit. There are also pond and hidden waterfalls in this park.

It is a perfect place to visit whenever you are in St Joseph. Super quiet place and best place to relax. It opens at 5 am and closes at 12 am

Things to do in St Joseph mo

Details of the place


Phone Number: +1 816-271-5500

Address: 3500 St Joseph Ave, St Joseph, MO 64505, United States

These are some of the best things to do in St Joseph no and all the places are suggested by the local people and have some unique things to do in these places. All the places are worth visiting when you are in St Joseph Mo.

And if you want to see the video related to the topic then click below and check out the virtual tour of the place. However, this blog is the full version of this topic.

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