THINGS TO DO IN TIFFIN OHIO (Highly recommended by local people)

Edward tiffin was the governor of Ohio and from that this city got it’s name as ‘Tiffin’. It is developed with Sandusky river which flows to lake Erie. Tiffin was incorporated in the year 1812.

The total area of Tiffin city is 7.01 square miles which are very small compare to another city. And the highest elevation is 745 feet above sea level.

Since it is was a small city you can cover the whole city in just 10 days but if you want to know some specific places that are worth visiting then you are at the right place.

In this blog, you will see all the specific places that are recommended by the locals to me when I was in Tiffin Ohio. And all the places are rare.

Tiffin is a kind of historic place and that is why you will see some historical places that you can visit when you are in tiffin. And all those historical places that are on the list is well maintained till now which is very impressive.

So now look at the list below and if you want to see this blog in video format then the video is at the end of this blog you can check it out.

List of things to do in Tiffin Ohio

1, Ghostly Manor Thrill Centre

This place is a good place to start your trip And it is like a game centre and a big hall for different kinds of activities that you can perform.

This place is a family-friendly place, you can play many 3D games here and the Ghost is there to scare you. When I was there I didn’t thought that this place will be so good.

And actually, it made me scared while I was exploring the place. And the staff of this place are very good they make things work even for one person.

And they also give a guide that what and how this is going to work and the games were awesome for kids. It is a good place to visit but at the same time tourist not visit this place. It is like a hidden Gem of Tiffin Ohio.

Things to do in tiffin Ohio

Details of the place


Phone Number: +1 419-626-4467

Address: 3319 Milan Rd, Sandusky, OH 44870

2, Double barrel bar and grill

It is a good restaurant and they served quality food and the service of this restaurant is also good and that is why people love this place.

They also play music while you are eating your tasty food but sometime the music is a little bit loud. But it feels good, the table staff is also good and well behaved.

I went to eat breakfast and I found it a budget-friendly restaurant for just 20$ I got 2 burgers, 2 wings and soda with it. Overall once you should visit this place to eat your meal.

Things to do in tiffin Ohio

Detail of the place

Phone Number: +1 419-443-1557

Address: 295 Vine St, Tiffin, OH 44883

3, Tiffin Glass Museum

This museum is very rare and different kind of museum I have never seen museum of glasses and they have so good collection of glass things.

Like different kinds and colourful jugs, jar, cups and much more different shape of glass things which looks so good and you will get so much knowledge about the things that are there.

It is worth visiting if you like to get knowledgeable things to know. The ratings of this place are 4.9/5 which says it all that how good is this place.

Things to do in tiffin Ohio

Details of the place


Phone Number: +1 419-448-0200

Address: 27 S Washington St, Tiffin, OH 44883, United States

4, Nature Trails park

This park is next to the river and for that reason, it gives so much positivity and the best place to walk around the park.

You can chill with your family and friends here. You can also plan for a picnic here and that’s what I did when I went to the park.

You can also see the wildlife here and there will be water snakes in the river so be careful with that. You can have access to benches and shelter over there to enjoy this place.

Things to do in tiffin Ohio

Detail of the place


Phone Number: +1 419-448-5408

Address: 220 E Davis St, Tiffin, OH 44883, United States

5, Mercy community Nature Reserve

This is a hidden gem of tiffin because you will not see any crowd here and the local people only know about this beautiful place.

The trails are very good and packed. You can have a good walk here and while walking you will see tons of flowers around you and they all are very rare and colourful.

I also saw mushroom over there but they were not good to eat but the mushroom is also very colourful and rare to see. Overall it is a good place to visit if you love nature and natural things to see.

Things to do in tiffin Ohio

Detail of the place

Address: 99 St Lawrence Dr, Tiffin, OH 44883, United States

6, American civil war museum of Ohio

This will take your 3-4 hours because it is a very detailed museum and there are lots of historical things to see there. And there is a nice little gift shop where you can buy things for memories.

It is a gem kid-friendly place with lots of things to know about American history. It is a self-guided tour where you take your time and read all the important things.

There are staff who is available for your question and then they explain the things in detail. It is must visit the place.

Things to do in tiffin Ohio

Detail of the place


Phone Number: +1 419-455-9551

Address: 217 S Washington St, Tiffin, OH 44883, United States

These are some of the gems that are in Tiffin Ohio and you will love these place it will make your trip complete. As tiffin is a small place there are very few places to explore but the places which I have mentioned in the list will give you the whole idea about tiffin.

And all the places on the list are suggested by the local people themselves while I was there to explore this city.

And if you want you can see the video format of this place and get a virtual tour of these places.

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