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VIETNAM vs THAILAND (Nightlife, Travel guide, Cheapest hotel)

Vietnam vs Thailand


1, Vietnam vs Thailand – Similarities

Vietnam and Thailand are two distinct countries with distinct cultures, languages, nightlife, streets, and modes of transportation.

However, when we compare the food in both countries, we find that certain dishes are similar but have different names. The most well-known sauce in both countries is fish sauce.

People in both countries have a habit of eating light food. However, their food is always bursting with a variety of flavours.

2, Vietnam vs Thailand – Currencies

Vietnam:  The currency is known as the ‘Vietnamese dong,’ and it is issued by the State Bank of Vietnam. It has been in use in Vietnam since 3 May 1978. It is the third most depreciated circulating currency in 2021.

1 USD = approx 22,955 Vietnamese dong

Banknotes / frequently-used – 500₫, 1,000₫, 2,000₫, 5,000₫, 10,000₫, 20,000₫, 50,000₫, 100,000₫, 200,000₫, 500,000₫

Banknotes / rarely used – 50₫, 70₫, 100₫, 200₫

Coins / Rarely used – 200₫, 500₫, 1000₫, 2000₫, 5000₫ 

Vietnam vs thailand

Thailand: The currency is called ‘Thai baht’ issued by a bank of Thailand. This currency is the 10th most frequently used world payment.

1 USD = 32.88 Thai baht

Banknotes / frequently-used – ฿20, ฿50, ฿100, ฿500, ฿1000

Banknotes / Rarely used – ฿60, ฿70, ฿80, ฿500,000

Coins / frequently-used – 25 satang, 50 Satang, ฿1, ฿2, ฿5, ฿10

Coins / Rarely used – 1 satang, 5 satangs, 10 satang

3, Vietnam vs Thailand – food

What is the difference between Vietnamese food and Thailand food?

Vietnamese food is very mild, and people prefer food with a mild flavour. Thai food, on the other hand, has a strong flavour due to the use of numerous spices. Vietnamese cuisine has a slight French influence. There is also Malay influence in Thai. Rice and noodles are popular dishes in Vietnam. The most common food in Thailand is a curry-based dish served with rice.

Famous foods in Vietnam (Must eat food)

  9. Mi Quang (Vietnamese Turmeric Noodles)
  10. Com Tam (Broken Rice)

Vietnam vs thailand

Famous foods in Thailand (Must eat food)

  1. Thai Chicken Satay
  2. Thai Waterfall Beef Salad
  3. Larb Gai Thai Chicken Salad
  4. Pad Thai (Thai-Style Stir-Fried Noodles)
  5. Som Tam (Thai Green Papaya Salad) 
  6. Khao-soy (Northern Thai Curry Noodles)
  7. Guay Teow (Noodle Soup)
  8. Tom Kha Kai (chicken in coconut soup)
  9. Gaeng Daeng (red curry)
  10. Yum Nua (spicy beef salad)

4, Vietnam vs Thailand – travel

Flying to these countries is the most convenient way to visit them. However, when we compare them, it is clear that Thailand has more airports and flights than Vietnam. It is because Vietnam has a lower tourist rate and people prefer to visit Thailand.

As you may be aware, Vietnam is significantly less expensive than Thailand. The same is true for flight prices and local travel. When tourists visit Thailand, the obvious mode of transportation they use to get from one location to another is a tuk-tuk.

Local travel in Vietnam can also be done on a cyclo. However, cyclo can only be used for one person, which is a little inconvenient. You’ll have to take a taxi if you don’t have a car.

And in both countries, you can rent bikes and motorbikes, which are less expensive than other modes of transportation and make it easier to get to a specific location.

Travel costs in Vietnam and Thailand

This section of the blog will go over all of the basic expenses, such as hotel stays, local travel costs, and international travel costs. It will give you an idea of how much money you should bring with you to visit both countries.

Thailand: Visiting Thailand has the advantage of allowing you to choose the specific city or region to which you want to travel and, as a result, your landing spot, i.e. airport.

The basic meal will cost you between $90 and $150, or about $5. And hotel rooms will cost around $40 per day (Not a luxurious hotel). If your budget is limited, you can also stay in a guesthouse for as little as $10 per day. The total cost of the stay is $2,122 (71$) per day, which includes all amenities.

Vietnam vs thailand

Vietnam: Vietnam is significantly less expensive than Thailand, with basic meals costing only d92064 (4$). And the hotel rooms will be $30 per night, with the option of booking a guesthouse for $7. Overall, you will have to pay d938910 (41$) per day to use all of the facilities.

Vietnam vs Thailand – Culture

Thailand: It has a strong western influence throughout the country, and because Thailand is a popular tourist destination, they are more focused on western culture. Buddhism and Animism are important in every region of this country. It is also the most important Buddhist culture in Southeast Asia.

Traditional beliefs and monks have a high social standing. Thailand has a Buddhist population of 94.6 percent, and ancient cities such as Ayuthaya and Sukhothai have some of the best heritage temples in the world. It also has many historical landmarks that are among Thailand’s best.

The other side of Thailand, on the other hand, is far too cool. People like to party, walk down the street, shop at street markets, and are passionate about local cuisine. Bangkok, the famous city, is the best place for partygoers. Tourists who visit these locations are also very cool; you will also find many bloggers and photographers because this area is well-lit.

Vietnam vs thailand

Vietnam: Vietnam has one of Southeast Asia’s oldest cultures. Due to 1000 years of Northern rule, it has been influenced by Chinese culture. It has had cultural poetry throughout its history, with themes and traditions centred on Buddhism and Confucianism. When it comes to dedicated Buddhism, Thailand and Vietnam have very similar cultures.

Calligraphy has a long history in Vietnam; there are many portraits for sale, and there is only writing that you will not be interested in if you are an outsider. Vietnamese silk painting is a popular form of art in Vietnam. Vietnam also has 54 ethnic groups, each with their own traditions. Clothing is one of the most visible indicators of social status, and Vietnam has Ming-style clothing, which was imposed by a Ming official within a month.

Vietnam vs Thailand – Visa

Vietnam vs thailand

Both countries will require a separate visa for your visit. Obtaining a Vietnam visa can be difficult, and this may be the primary reason for visiting Thailand. Because you do not need a visa or any other documentation to visit Thailand for 30 days. You can simply look for a convenient flight and then enjoy your trip for 30 days without having to worry about obtaining a visa. And, when we compare, Thailand comes out on top.

Vietnam vs Thailand – (Things to do)

Things to do in Vietnam

1, Phong Nha National Park

Vietnam vs thailand

It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Vietnam, and no trip to the country is complete without a stop here. It’s 93.5 percent forest with hundreds of cryptic caves. The main draw, however, is the world’s largest cave. And it is the highlight of the National Park.

Driving through this park is also enjoyable because you will be surrounded by nature. It is also the only National Park in the world with direct access from the road to the world’s largest cave.

There is also a swimming hole in the underground river. And engage in various activities such as kayaking, boating, trekking, hiking, and many others. A bus tour of this location is also available for just $25 per person, and you will learn everything there is to know about it.

It has a cavern that is so large that a skyscraper could fit inside it. The peace and fresh air may enlighten your souls, uniting your spirit with nature. This National Park first opened to the public in 2010. Because of the high number of tourists who visit this park, you can also stay in a luxurious hotel near it.

Details of the place


Call: +84 232 3677 021

Address: Phong NHA, Bố Trạch District, Quang Binh Province 511860, Vietnam

2, Ban Gioc Waterfall

Vietnam vs thailand

The most beautiful hidden place in Vietnam is this mesmerising waterfall. It’s surrounded by towering, jungle-clad mountains and trees. It is located on the outskirts of Vietnam, near the Chinese border in the northeast of the country.

Ban Gioc is one of Vietnam’s most remote attractions, located approximately 50 miles from any major city. However, as you drive from the city to this location, you will notice a dramatic change in the surrounding landscape, from buildings to forest-like areas.

The waterfall is 984 feet across and 98 feet tall. And because of the waterfall’s immense power, small droplets of water cascade all over the nearby mountains.

The best part about this location is that it is free of crowds, which makes it worthwhile to visit. And people enjoy visiting this location; the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

You will also find a small bamboo boat there from which you can explore the area, which is the best thing to do. Tickets are available at the entrance to this location, and in comparison to the beauty of the location, they are very inexpensive.

Details of the place

Address: Trung Khanh, Cao Bang 22000 Vietnam

Call: +84437171404


3, Cu Chi Tunnels

Vietnam vs thailand

It is a massive war museum in Ho Chi Minh City that has become the city’s most recognisable landmark. This location is all about war and history, and it’s a great way to learn about and experience guerilla life during the Vietnam War in 1948.

It describes how soldiers fought during those times and what they had to face. This location will immerse you in everything that soldiers did at the time.

You will be given a guided tour by boat, which will take approximately one hour to complete, and the tour company will also provide you with lunch after all of this. Taking a guided tour is worthwhile because you will learn a lot about the war.

There are many activities available here, but shooting is the best. You will be given an Ak47 and an M14 to shoot, and it will be an experience you will remember for the rest of your life. There is also a lovely temple here, which is a great place to take some lovely photos.

This site has 120 kilometres of underground tunnels with trap doors, a living area, a kitchen, storage facilities, an armoury, hospitals, and command centres.

You can watch the short film before entering the tunnels to get an idea of how it works. The tunnels have been widened so that people can experience crawling underground, but soldiers used to have to go through small holes.

Details of the place

Address: Đ. Tỉnh Lộ 15, Phú Hiệp, Củ Chi, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh 733814, Vietnam

Call: +84 28 3794 8830

4, Vinpearl Safari

Vietnam vs thailand

This park is divided into two sections: the zoo and the safari. It is the best place in town, and there are many different types of animals and birds here. This makes the location very interesting, and it is suitable for people of all ages.

There is an aviary where birds can freely fly above and around you, which appears to be very pleasant. The customer service is excellent, and the staff is extremely helpful.

Safari is the best thing to do here, and it’s amazing to see animals freely walking around you on a bus. As a result, you can keep a close eye on them. They appear to take excellent care of their animals, as all of them were healthy and active.

The animals around you run around and play with the safari bus while you are on it. The bus makes stops at locations where you can feed animals.

A restaurant called Giraffe Restaurant serves high-quality food near the giraffe area. And because the giraffe area is right next to you. You can buy food for them, and they are very respectful of those who feed them.

The Giraffe and White Rhino zones are must-sees. There are only three types of carnivorous animals here: tiger, lion, and bear, but they are very active and can be observed closely.

Details of the place

Address: Unnamed Road, Gành Dầu, Phú Quốc, tỉnh Kiên Giang, Vietnam

Call: +84 297 3636 699

5, Vin Wonders Nha Trang

Vietnam vs thailand

It is a massive entertainment complex. It is a clean and well-kept family-friendly establishment. It is Vietnam’s most beautiful theme park, and it also has a lovely resort called ‘vinpearl resort.’ If you stay at this resort, you will receive benefits.

This theme park captures the essence of Singapore, and it is as if all of Singapore’s paid attractions have been consolidated into a single location. In the aquarium, you can see Mermaids and various types of fish. They also put on dolphin shows, which are very popular in this area.

There is a vin wonders map that will point you in the right direction for the places you want to visit. Because this location is so large, you will need a map to explore it.

There will be a plethora of new activities added here. You can avoid the Queue by purchasing tickets in advance because you will have to spend a significant amount of time purchasing tickets offline. The Tata Show is a very popular show in this area, so make sure to watch it. It only occurs on weekends.

This location’s main draw is its water park. The water park accounts for 60% of the fun. You can also try the zipline here, along with many other exciting activities. This place is all lit up at night, and you can take beautiful pictures with the lights.

Things to do in Thailand

1, The Grand Palace in Bangkok

This grand palace houses the most important Buddhist temple, Wat Phra Kaew. Beautiful architecture is one of the things that draw tourists to this location. It is also Bangkok’s most well-known landmark. And it’s a must-see if you’re in Thailand.

It was built in 1972 and served as the Thai king’s residence for more than 150 years. It has a long history, but few people are aware of it. And now, people are only interested in the natural beauty of the area, rather than its history. It’s as if you’ve walked into a historical museum.

The most important thing you should know is that people can only enter if they are properly dressed. It’s strange, but it’s like respecting the place; you’ll have to be very formal, and men should wear formal clothing, while women should dress modestly. There should be no see-through clothing or bare shoulders.

However, if you still forget these items, you will be stopped at the entrance and will be required to get proper clothing from the booth. The ticket counter is open from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Details of the place


Phone Number: +66 2 224 3290

Address: Na Phra Lan Rd, Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang, เขตพ ระนคร Bangkok 10200, Thailand

2, Dream World Amusement Park

Participate in amusing gaming tours, adventure sports, and activities such as splashing around in a pool. This location is also known as Thailand’s Disneyland.

It has 30 thrilling and well-known adventurous rides, including a hanging coaster, space mountain, a haunted mansion, super splash, and the cable car. It has four themes: family world, fantasy world, x-zone, and small world. It also has an African adventure zone and a Jurassic adventure zone, both of which are always crowded.

Snow World, with temperatures as low as -8°C, is also a highlight, offering a sledge ride and skiing. There are many packages available at the ticket counter, and the prices are reasonable for the quality of this location. It also includes a free cancellation period of up to 24 hours. Make sure to bring your water clothes because clothes are a little pricey here.

There are many food options here, including KFC and Tom Yum Noddles, and you can find a variety of dishes.

Details of the place 


Phone Number: +66 2 577 8666

Address: 62, Moo 1, Rangsit-Ongkarak Road Bang Yitho, Thanyaburi 12130 Thailand

3, Samphram Crocodile farm & Elephant Show

This is a fascinating place to visit with family and friends. There is a lot to see and learn about crocs and elephants. It’s set on 60 acres of land.

They put on a lot of shows where they play with crocs and elephants, and it’s a lot of fun to watch them. The crocs move so precisely that it appears they are not real. There are also two friendly tigers in the zoo that you can take photos with.

The croc and elephant shows include information about Thai culture, elephants playing football and games, men wrestling with crocodiles, a magic show, and an orchid nursery.

This farm has over 10,000 crocodiles and is one of the cleanest public crocodile display grounds. You can also ride elephants and walk through the garden. The parks are open from noon to 6 p.m.

Details of the place


Address: 10280, 555 Thanon Thai Ban, Pak Nam, Bangkok

4, Sealife Bangkok Ocean World

It is one of the largest Aquariums in Southeast Asia, as well as one of Thailand’s most exciting places to visit. It also has Thailand’s first 4D theatre, where you can enjoy a 25-minute virtual reality show for the ultimate experience.

This aquarium houses over 30,000 marine creatures, including exotic sea creatures from the deepest ocean. This place is massive, and it is divided into seven zones, each of which is home to a different type of marine animal.

You can see a variety of rare fishes, including jellyfish, nautiluses, garden eels, leopard stingrays, giant grapers, starfish, and others. There is also the possibility of diving with sharks and feeding sharks and otter fish.

Vietnam vs Thailand (Nightlife)

If we only compare the nightlife in both countries, Thailand comes out on top. Because Thailand is more focused on tourism, they have established really good places for partygoers such as Bangkok and Koh Samui.

Bangkok has everything from opulent rooftop bars to laid-back beach bars. The casual beach bar, on the other hand, will have a larger crowd. Because people like to walk around at night and then find the best bar for themselves. Even in comparison to other countries, Thailand’s beaches are very active at night. It’s always upbeat.

Vietnam vs thailand

Because Thailand’s main focus is on tourism, the full moon party will feature wild performances such as fire acrobatics and glow paint. Koh Samui is also a great party island, with dedicated nightlife areas packed with bars and clubs.

Vietnam, on the other hand, is active, but not as much as Thailand. Places like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are ideal for partygoers; you will get a Thai vibe here, and you will see a lot of people walking down the streets. Even the local food stands are open here, which is very cost-effective.

Vietnam vs Thailand – Cheapest Hotel 

Vietnam vs thailand

If you are on a tight budget and want to visit Thailand and Vietnam, the best option is to stay in a standard guesthouse. It will be inexpensive, allowing you to spend more money on exploration or fun activities, but if your budget is normal and you can afford a three or four-star hotel, I have a list of hotels with excellent service.

And if you don’t have a budget, you can stay in any luxurious hotel you want; however, it is recommended that you stay near the beach because it will give you good vibes and will be more worthwhile.

List of hotels in Vietnam 

  1. Panorama Hotel (11 USD)
  2. Beryl Palace Hotel (20 USD)
  3. Hanoi Center Silk Hotel & Travel (23 USD)
  4. Hanoi Paradise Hotel & Spa (8 USD)
  5. Raon Danang Beach (11 USD)
  6. Sky Dalat Hotel (13 USD)
  7. Emerald Hotel (9 USD)
  8. Dreams Hotel (5 USD)
  9. Sen Boutique Hotel (10 USD)
  10. Mai Boutique Villa (9 USD)

List of hotels in Thailand

  1. Escape Beach Resort (15 USD)
  2. Seven Seas Hotel (16 USD)
  3. Bangpo Village (19 USD)
  4. Papillon Bungalows (19 USD)
  5. Asoke Residence Sukhumvit (18 USD)
  6. Anchalee Resort (17 USD)
  7. Scandia Jomtien Beach (10 USD)
  8. Adelphi Pattaya (23 USD)
  9. Kos Hotel Suvarnabhumi Airport (19 USD)
  10. Unity Hotel (18 USD)

These are the hotels where you can stay comfortably, and the rooms and service are also good. Resorts are also included in this list of hotels. Because the prices of hotels and resorts are the same, booking your rooms in a resort will be ideal.

And the hotels on the list are the most affordable while still providing excellent service. The rooms are also in excellent condition for the price.

Vietnam vs Thailand – Best Beaches

Vietnam vs thailand

Vietnam, in particular, has only recently developed as a beach destination. But it is certain that it will develop further in the future, and it has taken off quickly. And as a result of all of these changes in Vietnam beaches, tourists now come here specifically for the beaches.

Thailand, on the other hand, is a clear winner because it has no competition for beautiful beaches. Phuket, Krabi, and Koh Phi Phi are world-famous, and thousands of tourists visit each year. This country is known for its beaches, and in recent years, tourists have come here specifically for beach vacations.

Look at the list of top beaches in both countries so you don’t have to look for them; the beaches on the list are the most popular with tourists, and there are always activities available here such as kayaking, snorkelling, boating, fishing, and many more.

List of best beaches in Vietnam 

  1. Long Beach, Phu Quoc
  2. Thuan An Beach, Hue
  3. Danang Beach, Danang
  4. Nha Trang Beach, Nha Trang
  5. Star Beach, Phu Quoc
  6. Maui Ne, Phan Thiet
  7. Ho Coc Beach, Ho Coc

List of best beaches in Thailand

  1. Railay Beach – Krabi
  2. Bang Bao – Koh Chang
  3. Kata Beach – Phuket
  4. Kantiang Beach – Koh Lanta
  5. Koh Samet
  6. Phra Nang Beach – Krabi
  7. Karon Beach – Phuket

Vietnam bs Thailand – The best time to Visit 

Thailand: Thailand has a slightly higher temperature than Vietnam. And the weather in Thailand is constantly changing; you will notice sudden changes in weather every 10 – 20 kilometres. However, if you visit Thailand between November and April, the weather will be cooler and dryer than in other months.

If you want to visit the east coast, go between February and March because there will be fewer people and you will be able to see more places in less time. And to go to the west coast. The best months for no rain are November to February.

Thailand’s rainy season lasts from May to October. However, there are benefits to visiting during the rainy season, such as fewer crowds and steep discounts because it is not peak season.

Vietnam: Seasons in Vietnam are unpredictable, and you can expect rain at any time of year. On average, the temperature in Vietnam ranges between 28°C and 30°C, and in mountainous areas, it ranges between 10°C and 12°C. Between November and April is the best time of year.

Vietnam vs Thailand – Summary

Everyone has their own tastes, and travelling to a new place requires a lot more research. Based on the information provided above, we can see that Vietnam is ahead in some areas, such as currency, budget travel, food, and so on.

Thailand, on the other hand, is a clear winner in terms of visas, language, best beaches, culture, and nightlife. Overall, Thailand comes out on top, but it all depends on what you like and how much money you have. These are the only two major factors on which people must make their own decisions.

As we near the end of this blog, if you want to see a virtual tour of some places in Thailand and Vietnam, check out our YouTube video below, which will give you an idea of the locations.

And, if you have any questions about the post, please leave them in the comments section; this will allow us to clear the minds of those who are reading it.

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