MYSTERIOUS! Abandoned places in Alabama 2023

In Alabama, there are numerous ghost towns, some of which are completely abandoned while others are only partially abandoned. However, you’ll find some scary abandoned places in Alabama on our list that are worth seeing.

Alabama has numerous abandoned building stories, and those who look for abandoned locations often want to know why they were abandoned. This site compiles all of the best-abandoned place stories.

Alabama is known for numerous things, including cotton, scenic places, and beaches, among others. With the moniker “yellowhammer,” it is the 30th largest area in the United States. There are many great spots for travellers to visit, but for now, let’s look at the abandoned areas that are sought by specific individuals.

List of abandoned places in Alabama

1, Goldthwaite Mansion

It’s also known as Benjamin Walker House, and it’s the best-looking abandoned building in the neighbourhood from the outside, but that’s only from the exterior; the inside tells a different story. The area was covered in creepy vegetation, and there was darkness everywhere.

Abandoned places in Alabama

There are many more abandoned mansions in the area that need to be restored. However, because this mansion is slightly elevated, the view of the river from here is also the nicest.

Families used to spend a year here in the 1900s, and it was considered one of the most opulent regions. However, as a result of the presence of industries in this area, the value of property plummeted, and families began to leave. As a result, there are numerous abandoned mansions in this area.

2, Old Bryce Hospital

It was one of the oldest and largest mental hospitals in the country. This hospital includes a mental unit, which was unusual at the time. Locals claim that it is one of the town’s most haunted abandoned locations, and that people have previously heard unseen voices.

Abandoned places in Alabama

It was founded in 1861 and was well-known at the time, and with the need for mental health services in the twentieth century, this hospital assisted many people across the country. And now that it has been abandoned and left to rot, there are a plethora of chambers filled with rusting machinery. This hospital has several rooms, some of which are seriously damaged and others which are overgrown with creepy vegetation.

Once, a youngster who had no mental disorders sued this facility, and the hospital incurred a loss of $15 million, with the lawsuit lasted 33 years. And it was for this reason that the hospital was abandoned.

3, Winter Place

It’s a combination of two lovely residences with various architectural styles. It was founded in the 1850s, and it is well worth a visit if you want to see old-style houses. One house is designed in the Italianate style, while the other is designed in the Empire style.

Abandoned places in Alabama

Both houses are known for their architecture, and the property was recognised and placed to the National Register of Historic Places in 2004, although the required financing was not available at the time. The restoration has not yet been completed, but it will be completed as soon as the necessary funds are obtained. It is rare to find such places nowadays, so if you enjoy seeing old-style homes, this is a must-see.

4, Fort Gaines

It was founded in 1821 and is one of the best historic sites. During the American Civil War, this location was used in the Battle of Mobile Bay. Locals claim that it has been well conserved for tourists and that they now enjoy it.

Abandoned places in Alabama

A blacksmith shop, kitchens, a museum, a gift shop, a few tunnels, and original cannons are among the attractions. These were utilised during the war, and it’s fascinating to observe and think about the place’s history.

It is fashioned of stonework and is located on the island of Dauphin. Locals claim that it is also known for ghosts, and that they have witnessed numerous paranormal phenomena there.

5, Prairie Bluff

It’s a ghost town with many buildings and a cotton slide that have been let to deteriorate, but there are still cemeteries to view and explore with plenty of history.

Abandoned places in Alabama

A dale or dale town is another name for Prairie Bluff. It was a significant location until the current railroad building began. It peaked in 1861, but with the construction of the new railroad, it began to decrease.

It is located in Wilcox County, therefore those who enjoy visiting such sites should surely visit it.

6, Coosa County Jail

It’s a high-security prison designed for criminals who strive to elude capture and avoid serving their sentences. For the criminals, it was hell on earth, and no one dared to try to flee.

Abandoned places in Alabama

Because it is made of old hard rocks and was built locally, it is also known as the old rock jail. It is a three-story structure with a thickness of three feet. It remained in service until 1938, and no offenders were reported to have escaped from it. After that, in 1973, the county’s historical society took over ownership.

7, Pratt Cotton Gin Factory

It was established in the 1830s and it was the largest & famous cotton mill in the south. It was a 3 story strong building which is standing till now. The Daniel Pratt who owns this place always wanted to complete his target of producing thousands of cotton barrels each year.

Abandoned places in Alabama

Pratt was dedicated to his business even though he continued it through the entire civil war. He died in 1873 in recent news the factory was set for auction. It is a massive factory and worth visiting if you are in Alabama.

So these are some of the best abandoned places in Alabama which are worth visiting. If there are any updates about the place then we will update it in the post. If you have any suggestions then do let us know in the comments below.

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