UNBELIEVABLE! Abandoned places in Arizona (Updated list 2023)

This blog will show you the best and most accessible abandoned locations in Arizona. Arizona has some of the most interesting abandoned places in the country, and you can visit the locations listed below without breaking any laws.

Arizona is the sixth largest and fourteenth most populous state in the union. Phoenix is the state capital of Arizona. Phoenix is the area’s largest city as well as the hottest city in the United States.

Arizona became the 48th state to be admitted to the union on February 14, 1912, Valentine’s Day. The weather in southern and northern Arizona is drastically different.

The South has desert-like climates, hot summers, and mild winters, whereas the North has mountainous climates throughout the year.

Some facts about Arizona

Arizona has made significant contributions to the revolution, and most people are unaware of many facts about the state. Mc Donald’s drive-thru was introduced here in 1975, and it was so popular that it quickly spread across the country.

Arizona has four corner monument cultures, where you can be in four states at once, and these places are some of the rarest. The states involved are New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona.

Parker Dam is the world’s deepest dam and is located in Arizona, a great place to visit.

Arizona also has two of the largest man-made lakes in the world. Lake Mead is the largest, with Lake Powell coming in second.

Now that you know a little bit about Arizona, let’s take a look at some of its abandoned places. The places on the list are uncommon, and you should go if you have an interest in them.

List of abandoned places in Arizona

1, Swansea, Arizona

It is the world’s most unknown location because it is not a tourist destination, but if you like abandoned places, this is the best place to visit. Unless you are a local or are looking for abandoned places, it is difficult to learn about this location.

Abandoned places in Arizona

This location has a rich history that can still be seen after all these years. In 1909, this area was settled, and copper ore was mined here already.

There are still old mines and buildings where various items and equipment can be found, but they are rusted. This location has also been used as a backdrop for several short and feature films.

Details of the place

Address: La Paz County, Arizona, United States.

2, Deserted Domes

Because it is brightly coloured and has graffiti on the inside, it is one of the best places to take photos. Local teenagers enjoy creating art on the empty walls of these domes, so it’s a popular hangout for them.

Abandoned places in Arizona

Four massive jointed domes resemble alien spacecraft or UFOs. This location draws a lot of attention, and people passing by on the nearby road will stop to look at it because there are so many unusual things to see.

Since the 1980s, this location has been vacant. It was constructed in 1983 for a computer hardware headquarters, but due to financial constraints, the architecture was never completed, and the site remained vacant.

Details of the place

Address: 8109-7467 S Thornton Rd, Casa Grande, AZ 85193, United States

3, Pima Air & space museum

This is a museum where you can get up close and personal with an aircraft. The museum as a whole is not abandoned, but some planes are, and you can quickly identify them because they are separated and covered in graffiti.

Abandoned places in Arizona

There are 7 abandoned painted planes here where you should take beautiful photos. It is one of the best places to visit because you can also visit the museum and view the colourful planes.

Details of the place

Address: 6000 E Valencia Rd, Tucson, AZ 85756, United States

4, Phoenix trotting park

It was the town’s largest trotting park, but few people came here, and it wasn’t as well-known as other trotting parks. It was closed in 1966 due to a low public response, and no one came here for the shows or races.


It was in a remote location at the time, which could define why no one recognised it. The construction of this facility began in 1964, and the last motorcycle show took place in 1988.

Some people believe that this location is haunted, which could explain why it was abandoned. There have also been numerous film shoots and short film shoots. The most recent film to be shot here was in 1998.

Details of the place

Address: 17758 W Roosevelt St, Goodyear, AZ 85338, United States

5, Black canyon city dog track

This is the town’s largest abandoned property, and it was abandoned for the same reason as the others on the list. It was damaged, and rebuilding this dog track took a lot of time and effort.

Abandoned places in Arizona

The Funk family built it in 1967, and the concept was really well. It was operational, but everything necessitated maintenance, which they lacked. This location was closed in 1982 and has remained vacant ever since, making it a convenient place to visit. At the perimeter, there are no trespassing signs or anything else.

Details of the place

Address: 32801 Maggie Mine Rd, Black Canyon City, AZ 85324, United States

6, Santa Claus

It was the best tourist attraction for families and children along the highway. The owner’s motto was “make every day feel like Christmas,” and they succeeded. This location was established as a small resort town in 1937.


The resort had been there for more than a decade and had quickly become a tourist attraction. Following that, it was sold and gradually fell into disrepair as a result of poor maintenance. In the 1970s, it was closed and abandoned.

Tourists, however, continue to visit this location. And all of the resort’s items and structures remain. which is now splattered with graffiti and bright colours Many photographers and videographers will be present because it is now a shooting location.

Details of the place

Address: Mohave County, Arizona, United States.

7, Gold King Mansion

This is the most luxurious abandoned building in town. It was built in 1929 for mining and investors, but it was later converted into a wine and dining establishment, and it slowly began the decaying year by year due to poor maintenance.



It’s in the Hualapai Mountains, surrounded by trees and forests. You must also hike and drive through rough terrain to get here. This mansion exemplifies how luxurious things can appear haunted due to its low maintenance.

It was officially abandoned in 1957, and since then, visitors have come to admire the old-style and beautiful architecture of this location. It is worthwhile to pay a visit here because you will gain a better understanding of old-world luxury.

Details of the place

Address: Mohave County, AZ 86413, USA

8, Two Guns

Two guns were one of the best places for travellers and drivers on Route 66 to stop. This road, however, was relocated, and as a result of fewer visitors and maintenance, this location gradually declined. One of the reasons to visit this area is that it is now covered in graffiti and bright colours.


It had a gas station, a small zoo, and a campground. While driving down Route 66, it was a great place to stop and explore. However, it is now claimed that this location is haunted, and people are confused between the canyon diablo and the two guns due to the lack of structures over here.

Details of the place

Address: Interstate 44, Winslow, Arizona, 86047
United States

9, Vulture City

This city was the first of its kind, having been founded in 1863. Because it had all of the amenities and facilities that a residence should have, the population grew to 5000 people. This location was used for mining and was operational from 1863 to 1942.


Some buildings in this city have been preserved and maintained solely to preserve old-style offices and allow visitors to explore such places. It’s fascinating to visit here, and you can find old kitchen items, such as rusted utensils, here.

It’s worth a visit because it teaches you about how the elderly used to live here. Another reason to visit this location is to see the old hanging tree, which is nearly dead but still standing. A total of 18 men were hanged here for stealing gold.

Details of the place

Address: 36610 355th Ave, Wickenburg, AZ 85390, United States

So these are the top abandoned places in Arizona that you can visit without trespassing, and they are all worth seeing. By visiting here, you will learn about old age living and unusual equipment.

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