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UNBELIEVABLE! Abandoned places in Virginia 2023

Abandoned places in Virginia

This blog will show you some of the best abandoned places in Virginia to visit. Virginia is a state in the United States, and it has some of the most beautiful places to visit in the country. On the other hand, there are many people who enjoy visiting abandoned places and learning about their history.


Virginia has a lot of history, and as a result, many historical sites are still there as abandoned. Some historical sites are maintained and preserved so that future generations can see them and learn about their significance.

Visiting abandoned places is only worthwhile if you know the storey or history behind its abandonment, and for that reason, we have listed some of the places where you should go and read the stories behind them.

Some facts about Virginia

Virginia is well-known for its tobacco production, but many people are unaware that the state was intended to be a silk colony rather than a tobacco one. It was simply unfortunate that they had to switch and begin growing tobacco.

Virginia is surrounded by trees and forest, and 62% of the state is forested. It is also the east coast mountain biking capital of the United States. This state is a pioneer in the environmental movement.

America’s first bank was established in Richmond, Virginia’s capital, and was owned by a lady named Maggie Lena Walker.

Virginia has an excessive number of English accents, but Tangier Island has the only accent in the world, and no other city or country uses it, making it unique.

List of abandoned places in Virginia

1, Swannanoa Palace

Note: Swannanoa is not closed for the season and is open for historical tours, weddings, photoshoots, and community events like Easter Eggstravaganza and Santa at Swannanoa.

James H. Dooley built this palace in 1912 for his wife to spend her vacation in. And they can have fun as a couple here, but it was never used as a vacation spot, and the couple died in 1924 and 1926. Since then, people have said that this palace is unlucky.

Abandoned places in Virginia

Because there are so many reasons to call this place haunted, it is now known as a haunted palace. An investigation here has revealed that the spirit of a wife, as well as other spirits such as the groundskeeper and staff, are still present.

People have reported hearing various sounds and seeing footprints near the library of this palace. If you want to visit a haunted location, this is the place to go. You will learn a lot, but only visit during the day.

Details of the place

Address: 497 Swannanoa Ln, Afton, VA 22920, United States

2, Lorton Reformatory

It is also known as the Lorton Correctional Complex, and it was established in 1910 as a prison farm. During the war, the government used it as a bunker to store emergency communication equipment.

Abandoned places in Virginia

Slowly, there were a lot of prisoners here, and there was a time when it was overcrowded, so it was transferred and closed by order in 2001. The workhouse at this location is still standing, and you can see the old-style house that was built by the prisoners themselves.

This location has been renamed Laurel Hill and is now available for reuse. You can come here to learn about many things and to hear the haunted stories told by the locals.

Details of the place

Address: Reformatory Way, Lorton, VA 22079, USA

3, Monster Museum & Dark Maze

When Professor Cline took over and built the haunted Monster museum here, it was already abandoned. It has been abandoned since the 1890s, and many mysterious events have occurred there, such as an unknown fire on the gate.

Abandoned places in Virginia

The fire occurred in 2002, and people believe it is haunted ever since. People believe it is also frightening in daylight, and you should avoid coming here to explore. However, since the surroundings have developed below the hill and this location is at the top of the hill, people visit it frequently.

The dark maze is so dark that it’s difficult to find a way out. There’s also a terrifying phone booth where you can get a guide by making a phone call to a terrified voice.

Details of the place

Address: Natural Bridge, VA 24578, USA

4, Barton Mansion

This is the only place on the list that is not scary or haunted, and it has now been converted into a luxury apartment, but it has a great storey behind it that you will want to learn about, and you would like to visit here to see it in person.

Abandoned places in Virginia

A businessman named James Barton built it in the 1890s. Who had to flee from this location to Richmond due to business practises? Since then, it has been used as a polio hospital, a sanitarium, and an old age home until 2014, and there are no plans to restore it.

However, it has been restored, and you must see the changes in reality. It is now rented out as a party venue, but no one knows anything about the history of this historic location.

Details of the place

Address: 2112 Monteiro Ave, Richmond, VA 23222, USA

5, Old wise county orphanage

This place is slowly deteriorating and being abandoned. It’s the kind of place you wouldn’t want to visit because it appears creepy from the outside, but the storey inside is quite different. Under the spider web, the old architecture and design can still be seen on the walls.

Secret places in Virginia

It is surrounded by trees and bushes, and visiting here is terrifying. However, many daring visitors come here to learn more about such places. People have also reported hearing the sounds of laughing children, bouncing balls, and floating lights. However, no one knows why this is the case.

It is haunted, but those who enjoy exploring abandoned places should come here only during the day. Because such sounds would be terrifying for anyone.

Details of the place

Address: Old Wise County Orphanage, Suffolk Rd, Wise, VA 24293, USA

6, Main street in Pamplin city

In the twentieth century, it was a commercial area, and this town was the primary producer of clay pipes in the country, and many salesmen used to travel to this town for the pipes. The residents who used to live here were the primary reason for this location’s abandonment.

Secret places in Virginia

However, people gradually began to leave this area in search of a better standard of living, job, and business opportunities. This place gradually became deserted, and walking here in such a deserted place feels good. It is now used as a movie set for films that require a warlike atmosphere.

Details of the place

Address: Main St, Pamplin, VA 23958, USA

7, Selma Mansion

It was built in the 1900s and is now in ruins. This is an old location that people enjoy visiting. Just to look at the architecture and design on the walls and pillars. If you are a fan of such a lovely location, come here.

Secret places in Virginia

It was once a wedding hall, but now it’s a little creepy to visit. There are rumours that it is haunted, but if you visit, you will see that it has been properly restored and maintained, with all of the history behind it. This place is now just as lovely as it was before.

Details of the place

Address: Leesburg, VA 20176, USA

8, Virginia Renaissance Faire

This was the only location where people used to come to enjoy the festival and shows, but after two successful seasons, the props and everything were abruptly relocated to the original location in Wisconsin. It is now an abandoned location, but it is not as creepy or haunted as others.


There are rumours that local hunters use this area, so it can be dangerous and may soon be prohibited. People who enjoy visiting historical sites, however, continue to come here. Because the property’s owner went bankrupt, it is now available for sale through realtors.

Details of the place

Address: 1175 Kings Hwy, Fredericksburg, VA 22405, USA

So these are some of the best abandoned places in Virginia that you should visit, and all of the locations on the list are among the best abandoned places in Virginia. If you have any additional information about any of the locations on the list or any other hidden gems, please leave a comment and let us know.

And if you have any queries related to the post or the places the comment down below or contact us. Also read our other blogs related to travel guides, things to do in, abandoned places, theย best places to visit and many more.

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  1. Swannanoa is not abandoned and fully operational seasonally for historical tours, weddings, photoshoots and community events such as Easter Eggstravaganza and Santa at Swannanoa.

    All visits to this private estate must be scheduled in advanced and subject to fees associated with type of visit. Please see how website for more information.

    Any one visiting at unauthorized times are trespassing and will be charged accordingly.

  2. I would love to know more about Swannanoa. I feel that I have been there as a small child but I donโ€™t know why. The name is familiar and the stone wall on the right seems to be a place that I remember.

  3. The Lorton Reformatory has been converted to rental apartments. Interesting floor plans, great use of the available spaces and the thick walls and concrete floors add to the ambiance and rich history of the location.

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