Best abandoned places in Indiana (updated list 2023)

Abandoned places in Indiana

Indiana is a state in the United States that shares the same name as the country of India. In the 1800s, Indiana was primarily inhabited by Indian tribes, with very few people living there. However, it now has a population of more than 500,000 people, and people began relocating to this area as this US state grew.

This blog will show you some of Indiana’s best abandoned places. But be careful; there are some places on the list below that no one is permitted to visit; otherwise, it will be considered trespassing.

However, you can take photos from close to the location, and some of the places on the list are permitted to be visited. All of the places listed below are recommended by locals so that tourists are aware of them and begin visiting them.

Indiana has a lot of covered bridges, and there are a total of 100 historical bridges in the state. Out of 100 bridges, 32 are within 450 miles of each other, earning this location the moniker “Covered Bridges Capital of the World.”

List of abandoned places in Indiana

1, The Palace Theatre

This was the most famous and longest-running theatre in the 1930s, having opened in 1925. People loved coming here, and there were so many shows going on almost every day. Famous people have also visited this location at some point in their lives.

abandoned places in Indiana

This location’s architecture was also excellent, and many people praised it. Unfortunately, this theatre closed in 1972. After that, it was abandoned, and no one attempted to renovate it in order to reopen the theatre.

The main reason for closing this theatre was the crime that was taking place nearby. Also, one teenager was stabbed to death in the lobby, and the news spread quickly, so it was abandoned, and now people come here for photos because it is a large empty space.

2,  St. Mary’s Mercy Hospital

St. Mary founded this hospital, which was run by several nuns. At the time, it was one of the best hospitals in the area, and people were pleased with their hospitality. It first opened its doors in 1908.

abandoned places in Indiana

St. Mary wants to grow and expand this hospital because it is doing well. The company next to the hospital saw the growth and donated a plot of land next to the hospital so that they could expand, and 150 beds were added on that land.

It was closed because people began to migrate to other cities and places, and the population was very low; as a result, the nuns were unable to manage the financial situation, and it was closed in 1995. And now there are rumours that it is haunted.

3, Burnt Houses

In the 2000s, Indiana had a lot of abandoned houses, and some of them were burned down to be destroyed, but because they were built by old architects, they didn’t burn down at all. In Indiana, you can now find many abandoned houses, buildings, and barns.

abandoned places in Indiana

People are now attempting to renovate these houses, and some are spray-painting graffiti on the walls in order to make them look better or to take photos of them. Some of the houses are forests in and of themselves, and you won’t dare to go inside because of the insects.

4, The Horace Mann School

This school’s storey is similar to that of the hospital above; there were 75 classes of students who graduated from this school. This school was the only one in town, and parents wanted their children to attend it.

abandoned places in Indiana

It was built very well, and the architecture was also of the highest quality for this school. This school took 7 years to build and has almost everything that a school should have, and it has raised the bar for the nearby schools.

The campus has a gym, pool, and a man-made pond, and the reason for closing this school is the declining population, and there were very few students, so eventually they had to close, and now it is abandoned, but you can still visit here.

5, Rose Island

This theme park is located in Charlestown and is a 100-year-old theme park that you can visit without difficulty because it is an open space. This was the largest and most popular theme park in Indiana.

abandoned places in Indiana

You can legally view the old structure, and the 100-year-old theme park is a must-see in Indiana. Things went wrong, it wasn’t well maintained, and the business’s firmness was eroding day by day.

And it was the main reason for the closure, but it has now been ceded to the state park system, and people who want to see the old-style theme park can come here without incident or trespassing.

6, Dome Cabin – Bloomington

This is the most beautiful place to see from the outside, and it falls under the jurisdiction of the State Recreational Area. Every part of this is now rusted from the inside, and it was built by a family in the 1950s, when it was considered futuristic at the time.

abandoned places in Indiana

It was the fancy cabin in the middle of the woods, made of solid fibreglass. Nobody knows why it was abandoned, but people love to come here. You will have to climb a little bit, but it will be worth it in the end.

7, The Zoom Flame

This location is now a graffiti hotspot, but it was once a waterpark and was used as a slide in the 1970s and 1980s, but it is now abandoned and no one visits it.

Also, this location is in the middle of a forest, and when I arrived, I was blown away to see this beautiful slide covered in colourful graffiti in the middle of the forest, and trust me, I was just clicking too many photos with the graffiti, and now my Instagram is colourful.

8, Monroe Allison House

This house has a unique architecture and is also known as a gingerbread house due to its unique architecture.

abandoned places in Indiana

This house is pink, but the colour is a little dull because of the large plants that cover the building’s walls. It has 9 rooms, each with their own unique features such as walls and paintings.

It was built in the 1870s and has survived for many years, but it is now weak and there are some renovations taking place in this location, but this will not bother you because it is a great abandoned place to visit.

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