MYSTERIOUS! Abandoned places in IOWA 2023

Iowa is known for its many historical landmarks and host towns in the state’s eastern region. It features a number of haunted locations with well-known stories. People now go to such sites to take pictures and learn about Iowa’s history from the locals.

This site will show you places worth seeing, and you will be able to see images of them. Visiting abandoned places makes sense only if you are familiar with the history of the location; otherwise, it is just another eerie location for everyone.

Iowa is also known for a number of other things, like having the highest literacy rate in the country at 99 percent. It has the nickname ‘Hawkeye State,’ which is now well-known among locals. Iowa means “Beautifull,” and a visit here will confirm this.

List of abandoned places in Iowa

1, Oak Park Academy Boarding School In Nevada

It was established in 1902 and was previously known as Stuart Academy. Although it is a large abandoned site, the campus grass is still maintained, as evidenced by the cutting of plants.

Abandoned places in Iowa

The school was closed in 1980 and has been let to crumble since since. Almost all of the windows are broken, and creepy plants are sprouting from every nook and cranny of the structure. Even the street lamp has weird plants growing on it.

There is a rusted vehicle parked here that is for sale, and it is possible that the vehicle belongs to the owner of this land. People go inside the property, which is risky, and locals claim it is haunted because of its scary appearance.

2, Edinburg Manor

It was established in 1911 and closed down in 2010. With three stories and two wings, it has a total area of 12,000 square feet. Each patient, male or female, has their wing. This facility was used to care for terminally ill patients, elderly people, and disabled residents.

Abandoned places in Iowa

It is located in Jones County and is rich in history as well as some inexplicable phenomena. This manor served a wonderful purpose for a long time. In 2012, a couple bought the building after it was closed in 2010.

However, they were forced to leave the area immediately due to paranormal activity, and despite numerous investigations, the mystery remained unresolved.

3, Waterloo Greyhound Park

It was formed in 1986, and after a year of operation, the income began to decline. However, it was handled until 1996, when it was permanently closed.

Abandoned places in Iowa

Since then, this location has remained undisturbed, with a portion of it being utilised by a trucking firm to store equipment. After visiting here, you will notice that the majority of the parts are decaying, and the storage area is likewise in poor condition, even though it is in use.

It was known as one of the top racing tracks, but when the non-profit organisation ran into financial difficulties, they began holding profitable events, and they were unable to rescue the racing track, which was abandoned.

4, Searsboro School

This is one of Iowa’s most tranquil abandoned sites; it’s in a rural area, so you won’t hear any city noise. The school is surrounded by plants and trees, and no one seems to care for it at the moment.

Abandoned places in Iowa

It has a spooky and deserted appearance; the exterior is solid and sturdy, while the interior is badly destroyed. People will not bother if you visit inside the property because there is no trespassing sign, however touching or simply visiting inside is risky due to the broken walls and ceiling.

Inside, there are peeling paints, water leaking, rust, and a dangling ceiling. The school board, arcade games, vending machines, and furniture, among other things, are all noteworthy. All of the items have been damaged, and the structure’s shape has changed.

5, Abandoned farmhouse in Boone County

It used to be a lovely farmhouse, but it is now in a terrible state, with even the internal walls damaged. Plants that are creepy and sand all around. It has been abandoned for a long time, and no one looks after it. Even the owner of the farmhouse is unknown.

Abandoned places in Iowa

A rusted car that looks like an old-style vintage car is among the rusting equipment outside the home and in the backyard. This location is also a little removed from the cities, which contributes to its tranquility.

6, Buckhorn in Maquoketa

There are many ghost towns in Iowa, but this is one of the most well-known, with only a few structures remaining. The structures are in poor condition and dangerous to enter. The large cemetery can be seen across the highway, and you can easily get here from there.


It was once a farmer’s cooperative, but in the 1960s, the town was sold to a large commercial dairy. After that, the population shifted, and the area was abandoned. Some equipment and corroded materials can still be seen throughout the area. It’s a massive facility, and few Iowans are aware of its existence.

7, Keokuk Union Depot

The most well-known abandoned railway station is now preserved and operated as a museum, as well as being listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


It took two years to create this station, between 1890 and 1891, and it served passengers until 1967. It was an active agent until 1980, after which it was decommissioned. The city of Keokuk leased this station for 99 years. You may easily visit here for your needs, and tourists enjoy coming here.

8, Farrar School

It’s an abandoned middle school that’s been vacant for years. Inside the facility, there are many interesting school items to see. Furniture, books, and projects, to name a few. However, they are all unusable and rusty.


The architecture is old-fashioned, as seen by the dust. Nobody looks after this place anymore, and the structure is in desperate need of repair. Many paranormal events have been reported by locals, and investigations have been conducted.

People hear sounds of children laughing and talking in a classroom, echo noise of students shouting, the ghost of a small boy on the stairwell.

So these are some of Iowa’s best-abandoned locations, and they’re all worth visiting. Locals claim that these locations can be converted to ground level. You can visit and have a peek from the outside until then.

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