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MYSTERIOUS! Abandoned places in Las Vegas 2023

Abandoned places in Las vegas

There are numerous historical and fascinating abandoned places in Las vegas, and some of them were formerly the most famous places in town; they were top-rated hospitals, schools, cities, factories, resorts, and hotels, among other things.

Because of their unique characteristics, several abandoned places in Las Vegas are preserved and well maintained. Some are historical but now abandoned, and on this blog, you’ll find a mix of both types of places that are must-see in 2022.

List of abandoned places in Las Vegas

1, Panamint city

It’s one of the greatest places to start because it has a lot of interesting features and a lot of history behind its abandonment. A massive ghost town with only one surviving person who enjoys sharing the town’s history. It features a soda shop where you may get additional information about the area from the locals.

Panamint city

Nonetheless, there are many interesting sights to view here, including abandoned trucks and old-style houses with rusty materials inside. This city is located in the mountains, and if you want to explore it, you will have to hike there, which is why so few people are aware of it.

Copper and silver were discovered here in 1872, and mining began to uncover more of them. In 1874, about 2000 people moved here, and they founded their own newspaper, the Paramint News.

2, Sandhill Road Tunnel

It was built under the main roadway as a flood route to redirect rainfall. Hundreds of homeless individuals now use it, and some have made their homes here. They have their own chairs, storage units, and mattresses, among other things.

Abandoned places in Las vegas

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The walls are covered in graffiti, and no one seems to care about it. The homeless people who live here do not clean it at all. There are no lights in the corridor, thus going here at night is pointless.

Some of the homeless individuals have torches, but you can tour this area and learn a lot more about it in the daylight. Many strange occurrences have been reported here, including an elderly lady chasing a car and reports that a couple perished in the tunnel.

3, Delamar Ghost Town

It’s a massive, iconic spot where gold was mined, and it’s estimated that over $8 million in gold ore was recovered from the site. People moved here to work in the mining industry, which was booming in Nevada at the time.

Abandoned places in Las vegas

People began to be impacted by the powder that was in the air of this ghost town owing to gold ore mining, and some of them developed the ailment known as silicosis, prompting them to avoid this location.

It is currently abandoned, however there is still some rusting equipment to visit and learn more about the history of mining. Because the roads are bad, you’ll need a car to get here.

4, Anson Phelps Stokes Castle

It is a well-known castle built by a wealthy businessman who only stayed for one month before abandoning it. In 1956, a relative purchased the property because it was no longer in use. The National Register of Historic Places has also been added to the property.

Abandoned places in Las vegas

Three floors high is a sturdy stone castle; locals know more about it and claim it is the only well-known monument in the area. Because the owner lost interest in his castle, it was abandoned. People now come here to take photos and learn about the castle’s and town’s history.

5, Hamilton Ghost Town

It was founded in 1867, but residents didn’t arrive for another two years. This town had practically all of the necessities and was also one of the most well-known, but it was entirely reliant on mining. Almost every ghost town in Las Vegas, Nevada, has a similar story of abandonment.

 Las vegas

When the mining stopped, people began to migrate out from this community in search of a better life. After a few years, this town was hit by two major fires, both of which destroyed many businesses and homes.

Only wooden structures survived, and as the population declined, no one cared, and the town fell into disuse. For the time being, you may see old-style wooden houses with some materials inside, but visiting inside is unsafe due to the necessity for extensive repairs.

6, Fontainebleau

This location is becoming increasingly attractive as it prepares to be restored and refurbished, and development is underway. According to reports, it will be completed in the fourth quarter of 2023.


However, it was first established in 1948 as a silver bird and then closed in 1992. Many things changed here when the business that purchased the property chose to develop a resort and casino for $45 million.

After that, the owners kept shifting, delaying the work, which is still ongoing. People are anxiously anticipating the opening of this location in 2023.

7, Rhyolite Ghost Town

It is the most photographic place in the town and you will find many photographers here. It was established in 1905 as a mining camp and it also declined as rapid as it rose just like other mining ghost towns on the list.

Rhyolite Ghost Town

This place is surrounded by small hills and the open museum is nearby which is also worth visiting. When it was declining the investors were stepping back after the financial panic in 1907. It became a tourist attraction in 1920 and most of the buildings are crumbled. So before visiting here beware to go inside or nearby of any building. There are updates that it can be demolished soon.

So these are some of the best abandoned places in Las Vegas which are worth visiting and all of the places are suggested by the local people. If you have a more interesting abandoned place to share then drop it down in the comments below.

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