MYSTERIOUS! Abandoned places in Tennessse 2023

There are numerous historical and fascinating abandoned places to visit in Tennessee, and some of them were formerly the most famous places in town; they were top-rated hospitals, schools, cities, factories, resorts, and hotels, among other things.

Because of their unique characteristics, several abandoned places in Tennessee are preserved and well maintained. Some are historical but now abandoned, and on this blog, you’ll find a mix of both types of places that are must-see in 2022.

List of abandoned places in Tennessee

1, Elkmont

It is one of Tennessee’s most popular ghost towns, and many people have heard of it because the short film Tennessee Wonderland was released about it. Hiker Jordan Liles was out on an expedition when he came across this massive ghost town.

Abandoned places in Tennesee

It is stated that before him, no one knew this spot existed because it is located within a forest. Only the residents who live in the vicinity of this town are aware of this location. It has a fascinating backstory that explains why it was abandoned.

Before it was abandoned, the National Park Service used to maintain it, but after their leases expired in 1922, no one looked after it, and it fell into disrepair. It has a total of 70 rooms, all of which have broken furnishings.

2, US marine Hospital

It is the sole government hospital in town and has been serving the community for many years. It is currently 200 years old, and the framework of the building is swaying, necessitating extensive repairs.

Abandoned places in Tennesee

It can be unsafe to visit and is said to be haunted by locals, however this is just a rumour because no paranormal activity is reported on a regular basis. It was abandoned in 1960, and no one looked for it after that because several high-tech hospitals had opened.

It was built for the service in 1884 and contains six buildings with numerous rooms and divisions. This hospital saved many soldiers, the elderly, and injured persons after World War II and the civil war.

3, Ashlar Hall

It was once known as Prince Mango’s castle and was erected in 1896 by Robert Snowden, a well-known millionaire in the town. It’s a massive 11000 square foot mansion with eight large rooms, halls, servant quarters, a basement, and a pool.

Abandoned places in Tennesee

This massive castle is currently worth $725,000 dollars; it was built with sturdy stone, so the construction of the site is still as it was in the past, and it is maintained even from the inside. It was converted into a restaurant after Rober Snowden died.

After a few years, Prince Mango purchased the property. The restaurant has been removed, and the castle is currently empty. It is well worth a visit, and the locals can tell you a lot more about the castle.

4, Standard Coosa Thatcher

It’s a massive 300,000 square foot cotton mill that’s been abandoned, and the walls are covered in graffiti. It was constructed in 1916, following a surge in the cotton business in the United States.

Abandoned places in Tennesee

Following a surge in the business, employment increased as well, and the standard of living of Americans improved. Three businesses merged to form the mill.

The mill’s ownership shifted in the 1980s, and the cotton industry continued to decline, eventually leading to bankruptcy. By 2003, the building had been abandoned, and it was added on the National Register of Historic Places in 2005.

5, Western State Hospital

It was a well-known psychiatric institution in town that began with only 156 inmates. It was becoming an overcrowded hospital by the day, and many crimes, including patient murders, were committed there.

Abandoned places in Tennesee

It was closed due to a lack of financing, and the patient’s condition was deteriorating at the same rate as the spike. This hospital’s patients were violent, while the less violent patients lived in the main building.

Only the main building remains as of now; the others have been demolished. The architecture is impressive, and the structure of the building is unique.

6, Cleveland Abandoned westinghouse

It’s a massive abandoned location where people come to photograph the walls, which are covered in graffiti. There are numerous shattered pieces of furniture and wood fragments strewn throughout the place. It is open to visitors, but it is also dangerous.

Abandoned places in Tennesee

The walls are weak, and the entire structure is covered in creepy plants. You can still observe rusted machineries and old-style materials, which are uncommon anymore. The history of this location is sparse, and locals have created their own legends about it. However, it is well worth a visit.

7, Higdon Hotel

It used to be a riverfront resort, but today it’s an abandoned building with several rooms and supplies within. It was a stunning location that drew a large number of visitors.

Abandoned places in Tennesee

The location is also fantastic, as it is surrounded by nature. The owner converted the property into a boarding house, and a lot of things changed as a result. After the changes, a large number of individuals remained in the area. It’s currently on the National Register of Historic Places as well. There are plans in the works to repair this location.

So there you have it, some of the top abandoned spots in Tennessee to visit in 2022, all of which have been recommended by locals. Also, if you have any other abandoned locations to recommend, please leave a comment below.

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