Budget-friendly (Family vacation spot in Michigan) 2023

Michigan is very popular for beaches and lakes because this state is surrounded by water and that is why there are many lakes and beaches over there.

In this blog, I will cover all the best places where you can visit with your family and there must be many substitutes for the places which I am going to mention below.

But I believe in providing the best places to you so that it will be worth visiting and after you visit you won’t regret it.

Besides the list of places, I will answer some of the most asked questions by the people related to the places and the questions are too important if you want to explore Michigan in the best way.

For your convenience, I will provide you with all the specific details of the place related to parking, activities available or pricing.

List of Family vacation spot in Michigan

1, Sleeping Bear Point Beach

This beach comes in the list of 21 best beaches in the world by National Geographic.

This beach is family-friendly and you will. Find many activities to do like kayaking and snorkelling. You can also do camping on the beach. This beach has restroom and parking area that make this beach perfect.

2, Binder Park Zoo

This place is quite famous and if you are planning to visit Michigan then you may have heard about this place.

There are many things offered by this zoo you can feed animals their specially giraffes. You will find a train on which you can move from one end to the other end of the zoo and watch many animals while riding.

You must visit the place for American safari which feels like Jurassic Park.

3, Upper Peninsula

Upper Peninsula is a very big place to explore and there are some of the best things you can do there with your family.

The main highlights are the Northern lights, ice caves and fishing and you will find many families over there.

4, Evergreen Resort

This is the best resort in Michigan and you will find many things to do at a very less price. There are many packages according to the facilities that you can find.

You will feel at home because the amenities will make you feel that and the best part is you can also play golf there and get the hot tube, indoor pool and free wifi.

5, Kalamazoo valley museum

This museum is related to science and technology and it is very interesting to find new things that you never saw.

Best place for kids and there are too many activities which you can perform and explore this place very well. There are also many scheduled events and exhibition so whenever you visit there just find out if they are any exhibition.

Now I will answer some most important questions that are asked by the people

1, where should I go for a summer vacation in Michigan?

The best place to visit in summer is resorts and beaches. I would recommend you best of them so that you can put them on your list. The best resort is Evergreen resort and the beach is sleeping bear point beach.

2, What can you do in Michigan for free?

There are lots of things which you can do for free but I will suggest to you with my experience some of the best things belle isle aquarium and belle isle state park.

3, what are the best beach towns in Michigan?

The best beach in Michigan is sleeping bear point beach and also comes in the list of 21 best beaches in the world by National Geographic. And there are a lot of activities to do on this beach.

4, What are the best cities in Michigan?

The top three cities that I would recommend you to visit is Beverly Hills, Birmingham and Berkley

So these are some of the most budget-friendly places in Michigan and whenever you visit Michigan you should visit these places and if you have any query related to the post or the places you can contact us

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