TOP 12 SECRET PLACES in Philadelphia that No One knows

Philadelphia is a very good city to explore and there are very less secret places that literally now one knows because you will see in the list of places that these places are very unknown.

And because of that these places have become a couple-friendly but that doesn’t mean that you can’t visit these places. Also, you will see that these places are reL good for some historical photoshoot.

I have a total list of the top 12 places that are secret in Philadelphia and after you will visit these places you will make your trip complete.

In the list, you will see some abandoned places also and it is very adventurous to visit the place although many couples are visiting these places daily.

Here is the list of the top secret places in Philadelphia

1, Philadelphia Metropolitan Opera House

In the 1900s this places was very famous and there was daily basis customer who used to visit this place. But now it is abandoned and people just visit this place for a photoshoot.

This place has history and you will see the walls are very much strong and hand craved tiles of 100 years old. It is a too old place and very unknown that is why it is on number 1 in this list of secret places.

Details of the place

As you know these place is abandoned I only have addresses of all the places and in another post, I have written phone number, website link and locals point of view but here locals don’t know much about the places that are on the list”


2, Reading Viaduct Park

This place has recently been a park but earlier this was an abandoned place and many foundation and organisation have funded this places to turn it into the park but then also very few people know about this park.

This place shows the old rich industrial revolution which had turned into a park

Details about the places


3, Frankford Chocolate Factory

It is the best historic piece in Philadelphia and a very cool place to visit this place is recently come up with many ideas such as this place can be converted into townhouses and public places in future but now at least this place is secret and people only know about the development of this place which will take years.

Details of the place

Address: 9300 Ashton Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19114, United States

4, Electric Light Mural In South Philly

This place is the best place to visit and it is around 8500 square feet of artwork and newly made electric LEDs artwork and it is named Electric Street. For some extra tip, you can have very good photos here and trust me it will be worth it visiting this place.

Details of the place

Address: S Percy St, Philadelphia, PA 19147, United States

5, Mural arts tour

This place is the largest outdoor art gallery in the world and you can also have tour of this place privately and there are many guides over ther which have lots of experience that they will share with you about the history of this place it is like a blank wall many artists have designed it.

Details of the place

Address: 128 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
United States

Phone Number: 215-925-3633

So these are some of the best secret places that you should visit when you are in Philadelphia and all the details are mentioned above so it will be easy for you to reach there. And if you have any query related to the post or the places you can contact us.

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