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Secret Places In Maine that no one knows (Here is the list of places)

Secret Places In Maine

I must say that there are many secret places in the world but secret places in Maine is like the best and a must visit places. And I was shocked to see such places that show the rich history of Maine.

It is fascinating to explore the places in deep if you just went for a vacation like me I saw the list of places on the internet but trust what locals know about this place you won’t see in the list of places that are on the internet.

And after taking a list of places from the locals and having a tour to such lovely places I was amazed and thought to write a blog on this topic.

Firstly I want to let you know that in the list some places are historical and some are abandoned where rarely someone goes and the main task is to reach such places because very few people know about the place so if you ask someone they might not know.

But for sure if you see a local shop those people will surely help you to reach the places where you want to go as they helped me. And not straight forward let’s jump into the list…

Here is the list of Secret places in Maine

1, Abandoned Locomotive Eagle Lake

This place is like 100+ years old and you will see that this place is quiet and rarely anyone go there. This powered vehicle from the year 1927-1933 used for pulling trains and it is very huge as well as strong which you will have to reach out and have a look at this place.

This powered train was burned in the year 1966 and after that people reach to this place for photography and taking knowledge of the place. You can have a close look at this powered train and it is like if you look at this place you will be lucky that you just witnessed the historic vehicle.

2, Perkins Township, Swan Island

This place is now abandoned and protected by Steve Powell Wildlife Management Area. There was a time when people use to stay on this island and then because of the pollution people shifted and then this place became abandoned.

When people use to stay her activities like fishing and ice harvesting was casual here. Now there are many plans to redevelop this place and make it an active place again.

3, Moose Point State Park

This place was a large farm in the year 1920s and was famous which made a good profit but after some time this place cached a devastating fire in 1920s

And then made a comeback in the 1960s as a Moose Point State Park and it is a very good place to spend your day here people also use grills for BBQ. And now it is a very rare picnic spot.

4, Oldest Standing Tavern

It is the best place for outdoor seating, a modern bar, and a grill. This place has many historic events.

It was made in the year 1800s and lastly sold in the year 1981 also it is known as “The birthplace of Maine”. And you will notice that the main history of Maine is in the historic shops and old businesses.

5, Wire Bridge

There are lots of wire bridge in Maine but this one is special and it has only 3 of its kind.

It was built in the year 1866 and it is still strong because this bridge has renewed many times. It best place for photography and the view of this bridge is just epic.

6, Mount Katahdin

This Mountain name itself means “The greatest mountain” and it is too good for wildlife photography but don’t know why this place is so secret it has to be a tourist spot.

This mountain is the highest in Maine it is above 5220 feet from sea level which means it is very difficult to hike but you can go to the place for different kind of activities. It is situated at the northern end of the Appalachian Trail.

So these are some of the best places that you should visit whenever you are in Maine these place will make your trip complete and if you have any query related to the post or the places contact us

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