UNKNOWN Secret Places in Phoenix that nobody knows

Phoenix is a place where you can travel for your vacation or a short trip it will be very enjoyable but to make your trip more enjoyable plus worthy you should know the Secret places in Phoenix that locals also recommend.

Recently, I went to Phoenix to find some unreal places that will blow my mind and after reaching Phoenix I realised that local people can really help you to reach some of the best Secret places

And with the help of the locals, I found out some interesting secret places which now I am going to tell you in this blog and also share my experience over there.

I want to tell you some important things before you plan for these place and the things are the list of places that are mentioned below are not so famous so the important tip is you can ask the local stores and people to reach these places.

And that’s what I did because google maps was not at all accurate it was very frustrating for me but then local people there helped me a lot.

1, Thornton road domes

This does look exactly like UFO and it is very attractive from the inside because the walls of the domes are painted and designed beautifully.

This site is now abandoned and there are fence all over the gate but still, you can click some photos from the road and if you wish to visit inside the dome then you have to pay the local person who is standing over there and this is how I went inside the dome.

But all I want to say this place is worth a stop and it is a roadside attraction so you can easily have access to it.

2, Santa Claus

You can actually get a chance to eat your breakfast with Santa.

There are two places where you can have your breakfast with Santa but the one I am going to tell you is way cheaper than the other it will cost you just 7$ per person.

You can get this chance on December 17 every year and it is the kid’s favourite things to do in Phoenix also you will get a chance to click photos with Santa and there are other activities which you can perform with Santa.

3, Camelback Mountain

This Mountain looks like a camel shape and that is the reason its name is camelback.

You can perform various activities here such as hiking and climbing Mountain. And the best part of this Mountain is you will not see many tourists here and when I went it was like I am the one here.

4, Cholla Trail

It is at the eastern side of camel Mountain and if you are visiting this place let me tell you some important things that you should know before you go.

It is extremely hard to hike on the cholla trail it is around 1.2 miles of hike and above 1200 feet above sea level.

It is something on the next level that you must try if you like adventures but takes care of all the safety measures and it will take you around 2-3 hours to reach on top of this trail.

5, Desert Botanical Garden

This place is very colourful but the difference is it looks naturally coloured which means that this place has too many colourful plants.

And there are a total of 50,000 plus plants which are very beautiful and it is so relaxing to visit this place and that is why I mentioned this in the list of places.

6, Pima Air & Space Museum

If you love to see aviation this is the place and you get options in which you can choose that if you want general information or the total scanned information which take around two hours of detail.

And if you have two hours you must spend your time here and your mind will be blown because when I decided on this I thought that it will be boring but I was wrong and now I can say that it is a must-visit place.

So these are some of the best secret places in Phoenix that local people recommend and even I have gone to all the places and it feels a complete package if you will try all the places that are mentioned above.

I hope this blog will help you to plan your trip and make a list for a day and if you have any query related to the blog or the places you can contact us

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