Top-rated Mysterious Secret Places in Arkansas 2023

Arkansas is a very popular place and has too many places to visit such as mountains, parks and zoo but every state has some of the lesser-known places.

In that case, Arkansas is the state where you’ll find some of the best hidden gems worth visiting, and some of them will simply blow your mind, as they did mine.

I just travelled to this great state in search of the best secret sites in Arkansas because I had heard so much about it and decided to give it a try.

And the most important thing I want you to know is that you should not just read a list of sites on the internet; the best and most stunning places will be revealed when you question some locals.

And now I’ll tell you about the true secret area in Arkansas that just a few people know about.

And now I’ll tell you about a real secret place in Arkansas that is only known by locals, and there’s a slim possibility that you’ll find these sites listed as secret places on the internet, so let’s get started.

List of the secret places in Arkansas

1, Rush Historic District

The name suggests that this location is historic, and the main historic features of this location include active zinc mining (which continues to this day), as well as an earlier building that is now a secret location.

Abandoned places in arkansas

It’s in the Buffalo National River, and it’s the best piece of Arkansas history, but it’s simply a spot in the woods. It is, nevertheless, a fantastic spot to visit if you want to learn about Arkansas’ history.

2, Dinosaur world

Before 2005, it was the best and most famous park, but now it is only beautiful piece of land with wildlife and tourist attraction since visitors want to take photos of the well-designed entrance.

Abandoned places in arkansas
However, it was sold in 2006, and the new owner erected 12 foot tall King Kong statue, which is the world’s largest statue, which you may see and photograph. 
As result, strongly advise you to pay this location visi

3, Pivot rock park

This park is unusual due to the peculiar shape of the rock, and the greatest part is that it is a roadside attraction, so you can get to it without having to look for it.


Even for me, being in that park and just relaxing after a long journey was a next level experience. You’ll also discover a cute gift shop where you may buy something to take home as a memento of your visit.

4, Pinnacle Mountain

Trust me when I say that this is the best site to visit in this list, and it is also family friendly. There are many sports that you can participate in, such as mountain biking and hiking, and you will be rewarded if you reach the top of this mountain.


The fact that they compensate you for ascending a mountain is fascinating. You may also go fishing at this location, making it a one-stop shop and a must-see destination.

5, Pig trail national scenic byway

It’s similar to riding a motorcycle, but the bikes are more luxurious, and the roads are spectacular. You’ll also get to ride a bike on an one lane road for around 30 miles, which is incredible.


But, in the end, the amount of driving you want to do is all up to you. This is a fantastic thing to do if you’re in Arkansas and if you have to drive in any situation.

So these are some of the best things to do, and these secret spots are recommended by locals, so you should go since it was like a new experience for me when I went to these places, and now it’s your chance.

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