Top Secret Places In Miami (Suggested by local people)

Miami is the best place to chill with friends and family. This city is also known as beach City and it is the most stylish city I have ever been to.

But there are also a lot of things to do rather than going to the beach in Miami and find some secret places I took the help of the local people over there and I have a list of some interesting places that you should visit in Miami.

Some of the places are unknown and abandoned places but trust me these places made my trip complete and worthy.

Rather than just visiting the hot spot of Miami that are famous and found all over the internet you should go for the secret places in Miami to blow your mind.

And one tip I want to add is all the places below are not so famous and that is why only local people know. So while visiting these places if you get stuck anywhere you can take the help of locals. And that is what I did during my trip to Miami.

Here are some of the secret places in Miami

1, Miami Marine Stadium

This stadium was for powerboating but now it is a place for graffiti artwork and it looks very cool even after being closed and abandoned.

But you can visit this place to know about the history of this place and to see huge graffiti on the walls. I have clicked the number of photos there and now my Instagram feed will be colourful.

It was opened in 1963 and closed in 1992 and after it was closed people started ignoring this place many of the people in Miami don’t even know that this huge place exist.

2, Soundscape Park

This park is very relaxing and if you want peace then you should visit this park and I was lucky that my hotel was near this park and it was my daily routine to visit this park.

This park is every time empty so you should definitely visit this place and you will feel good after visiting this place. It is an open garden with long palm trees.

And there are also many events and music events happening in this park but not every day so before you visit this place make sure when you visit you ask local people about the events.

3, Deauville Beach Resort

This beautiful resort was constructed in 1926 and after some year it was sold and it was converted as a hotel everything was going a good many celebrities also stayed in this hotel but then this hotel electric room got burnt.

After that day this place is abandoned and now also if you will go to this hotel you will some burnt furniture and this hotel had a very beautiful interior but now all are damaged.

If you love to see old historic things this place is for you and this information I got from local people who took me to this hotel.

So these are some of the best places that you should visit while you are in Miami and if there is any update regarding these places I will mention them in the blog. And if you have any query related to the post or the places you can Contact us

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