Nashville is a city in Tennessee, and this place is really good for exploring and vacations. But there are many much more things that you can do in this city.

Nashville is famous for music and people visit here and explore only the popular places because they don’t even know where is the hidden gems of Nashville.

You will find a list of places on the internet which is popular but the places like this make your trip complete and worthy which are not so popular and people start visiting these places.

In this blog, you will see the best secret places in Nashville and all these places are suggested by the local people so that tourist also visit such places and people should know more about this city.

And if you want a virtual tour of the places then you can check out our YouTube video related to this topic at the end of this blog.

List of Secret places in Nashville

1, Tennessee State Prison

This is a beautiful abandoned place in Nashville, rarely people visit here for clicking photos because it is a very historical prison of Tennessee.

This place is very peaceful, you should once visit here the only problem in this place is there are big walls and fences all around the prison so you can’t go inside. But you can have a look through the road and click photos with different angles.

It will take you just 15-20 minutes but it will be worth it and it will cost you nothing and you will see the best of this city. This place is closed from the year 1992. And recently it was severely damaged by a tornado in 2020.

2, Lane Motor Museum

Just in 3$ – 12$, you get a chance to see so many things that are only available at this place it is the largest European collection of cars in the United States. And all of the cars and motorcycles are rare and unique.

It is a family-friendly place, and even if you are not a true car lover you will love this place. It has so many viewing options at a cheap price. You will also find rare boats and tanks which makes it a more interesting place.

you will not find many people over there and it is the true hidden gem of Nashville. The best part of this museum is there are no barricades around the cars so you can get to see them close and you can also click photos with them.

3, Frist Art Museum

It was opened in the year 2001, and at the start of this museum, many people went to explore this new place but now due to it old people not visit so much as this place deserves.

It is a great historic landmark of Nashville, and it is one of the best beautiful buildings with wonderful architecture. It has some of the most famous exhibitions.

Where tourists must visit when they are in Nashville, The staff here is very friendly and informative and they have maintained this Museum very well and always prepared for the crowd at the famous exhibition.

4, Sri Ganesha Temple

It is the only Hindu temple in Nashville, a very peaceful and quiet place. It is the best place where you can relax your soul. It was created by Indian craftsmen.

It replicates the temples which were built in 900 and 1100 AD. The design on the pillars are very unique and the temple is very big and have different sections for different purposes.

They organize weekly events at this temple and the events are worth watching. It has got 4.8 ratings and reviews are as always positive because this place is great.

5, Timothy Demonbreun’s Cave

This cave is very historical and the first citizen of Nashville was to live here and his name was Timothy, he was a hunter. But now this cave is not opened for the public you will find bars at the entrance.

The cave is closed but you can see it from close and it is a very adventurous thing that you can do in Nashville. However, this place is not so famous but people should visit this hidden gem.

So, these are some of the best secret places in Nashville that you must visit and all of these places are suggested by the local people so that more tourists should visit here.

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