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SECRET PLACES IN TOKYO (Things you should not miss)

Secret places in Tokyo

Tokyo is a city in Japan, and it is the largest metropolitan area in the world. But still have the secret places where people do not visit so much.

And in this blog, you will see some of the best-hidden gems that are in Tokyo and all these places are suggested by the local people so that tourists also visit such places.

Tokyo is a very beautiful place to plan for short trips and vacation. Tokyo was formerly known as ‘Edo’ in the twentieth century but after that, it changed to Tokyo in 1890.

Tokyo has the most top-rated restaurants in the world and it is he to 14 three-star Michelin restaurant. There are also some food places which people don’t know and should at least visit once.

The best part of Tokyo is they have vending machines every 12 meters so that it will easy for people to drink water anywhere. And almost 3% power of Tokyo is been used in these vending machine.

List of a secret place in Tokyo

1, Vampire Cafe

It is a very different kind of cafe that looks scary but it is not and the food here is great with a perfect service. The staff is also well behaved and the place is also clean.

The atmosphere of this place gives a different vibe even the menu here is a different kind of entertainment. The decor and ambience are on point.

It is a budget-friendly restaurant according to the level of service they give. Reviews of this place are both positive and negative and the negative part is you have to book in advance for the meal.

2, Todoroki Ravine Park

It is a family-friendly nature’s park. It is a greeny quiet and peaceful place, locals visit this place for relaxing on weekends but tourists don’t even know this place exists as per the locals.

It gives a Jurassic park feeling where you can walk and the trail is 0.6 km long. It is the forest centre of the city, a good place for a picnic.

You will get free parking here but there are very less parking lots that the problem with this place. But visitors are also very few so it won’t bother you.

3, Sarushima Island

Also known as ‘Monkey Island’ and it is the only natural island in Tokyo. And there so many things that you can do here. You will see lots of bird here and as per the locals, this place is very old and historical.

You will find there swimming beaches, hiking trails and spots for grilling. Also many barbecue rentals at the nearby shop. It is best to place to come in a group.

There is a big tunnel at this place where you can walk and explore the history of this island. And you can go there by ferry that is the only option. Overall it is the best-hidden gem of Tokyo.

4, Roppongi Hills Observatory

It is at 270 meters up and the wind blows so fast that it starts whipping at the face and sometimes it hit hard. This place is closed when the weather is bad so visit this place on sunny days.

Locals say that this place for s almost unknown and very few of them know and visit here so when you Tokyo make sure to add it to your list.

The timing is 11-8 but tries to visit the evening because you can see the sunset and the lightings of the city from above which is worth it. You can also have access to art galleries and museums over there.

So these are some of the best secret places in Tokyo and all of them are suggested by the local people themselves so you should add these places to your travel list. And if you have any query related to the post or the places then drop them down in the comments section.

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