Top recommended things to do in crescent City CA

Things to do in crescent City CA

It is one of the best historic city in the world and there are lots of things here that are related to our history. You can know all the best things to do in Crescent City CA in this blog that will help you to plan your trip.

It is named crescent because of the beautiful crescent-shaped stretch of the Pacific coast Beachfront.

This city has many historic attractions such as the battery point lighthouse, and the brother Jonathan cemetery and it has a beautiful state park and the most spectacular old-growth redwoods.

This place is at the tip of California and covered with the sea with two lighthouses and redwoods and the best wildlife show of seals, wild sea animals and sea lions at the Crescent City harbour.

This city also featured in Movies and songs like redwoods were shown in the STAR WARS MOVIE and the battery point lighthouse in the video of Tim McGraw in 1994.

The list of places that are mentioned below are some of the best and must visit place of crescent City if you are traveling there in near future this blog will definitely help you.

And if you want to see the virtual tour of the places then do checkout the YouTube video that is at the end of this blog.

List of things to do in Crescent City CA

1, Redwoods state park

Things to do in Crescent CA
Things to do in Crescent CA

It is a huge sightseeing place and it is close to Smith river and you can drive, walk or hike they’re and it will be very adventurous for you to visit here.

The rangers here will help you to explore this place and you will learn amazing facts about the place. The rangers here have lots of information and they are friendly to everyone.

There is something for everyone here and you can add it is in the bucket list of many people who want to visit California.

The people who stay in crescent City give very good feedback of this place and you can come here with your family and friends.

And make sure you travel to Howland hill road and do hiking there which is very fun and most visited tourist place here.

Experiences by local people

People say that the road are very well maintained and tourist visit her who love greenery.

Driving and walking through this lovely place is just wonder and it is must visit if you are visit Crescent City.

2, Beachfront park

Beach front park/Things to do in Crescent CA

Best place to spend time here you can also bring your kids here there are lots of stuff for kids here as well as adults.

There is a less crowded beach which very beautiful to watch and just chill and spend time here by sitting idle there and feel nature.

And there is no problem with parking you will get a proper place for vehicle parking and the beautiful park will keep the kids busy and you can chill on the beach.

You will see lots of squirrels there running and the best part is it is a free picnic for you and the parking is also free for you.

And they also rescue the injured sea animals and then give them a new life and because of that, you will see lots of sea wild animals like sea lions and seals. So it is a perfect picnic spot for you.

Experiences by local people

This area is very clean and you should include this in your list of tour if you are traveling here.

You will get free parking space so it will be comfortable for you to reach here if you are renting a vehicle over there.

3, Bounce city

Things to do in Crescent CA

Big place to have fun with the bouncy stuff you will be very happy here and it is very relaxing for every age group.

It is an indoor bounce house play place and arcade and they will only ask you for entry fees not for any event and arcade games that are available there.

There are 4 bouncers and many arcade games at a very reasonable price and you can also book this place for birthday parties or some events at reasonable prices.

Experiences by local people

Locals say that it is the best place to go with kids and at the same time it is very reasonable.

There are many games available and some bouncy playing area and as it is indoor the weather won’t affect enjoyment.

4, Battery point lighthouse

Things to do in Crescent CA

This is a museum with lots of local historic things, stories and artefact.

This is a very famous place in crescent City and you should visit this place whenever you are willing to.

The tours are available only in low tide because it is an island and the keeper will guide you with everything from time to time.

It is a short walk from the parking and you can climb to the top and take wonderful pictures there. Most of the people come here for photography.

At the entrance, you will see the beautiful sculpture of a whale and a fisherman created on the trees and it is beautiful to watch that.

Experiences by local people

People say that this place is not open because of covid because it is private property but still worth it due to the rocky beach in the area.

Most people come here for photos and selfies to upload on social media.

5, Crescent beach

Things to do in Crescent CA

It is a very beautiful beach and very clean you can come here with your family as well as friends it is a very wide and big beach.

You just have to feel the air and nature and just chill there listening to some of your favourite music.

There is nice parking which has a beautiful view of the top so you can also sit in your car and enjoy the view from above.

This beach has packed sand so that it will be easy for you to walk on the sand. You can also fly kites there if you carry them in your car.

It is good for surfing because of the small waves that come frequently and you will enjoy it here.

Experiences by local people

People say that this beach is very much easy to access and if you are going there you should do surfing only if it is low tide.

Because people come here for surfing and flying kite and parking is also available in case you wonder.

As local people say that it is a must-visit place if you are in crescent ca. Also, it is a family friendly place with naturally beautiful waves.

6, Howland Hill road

Things to do in Crescent CA

Beautiful rides under the trees on the red sand and will look more beautiful in the rainy season. Best for a long drive as well as a short drive.

You can park your car in the river and enjoy the view or bring some snacks or lunch and enjoy the best visit.

You can also camp here and catch some fish at the river it is the best to place to spend time at the weekend.

You will find less crowd here and you can peacefully enjoy here it is a one-lane road so you should drive slowly and safely.

And it is a popular place for the summer season as it is a very cool place, you can also book houses for you to spend some time in a silent place with your travel mate.

Experiences by local people

People recommend that you should stop your car for plenty of time to look at the beauty of this places.

It is a single Lane Road with no traffic the place is very quiet and best for a drive.

So these are some of the best places in crescent ca that you should visit once if you are in the crescent or about to travel here.

We hope this blog will help you to enhance your trip to this place and explore the best places kit there. For any query, you can contact us.

And if you want to see the virtual tour of these places then do check out the YouTube video below.

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