Where is the most popular spot in the world to take selfies?

Where is the most popular spot in the world to take a selfie?

Selfies are now the main thing to do whenever we go for a trip or vacation and it is sometimes very memorable for the family to click some wonderful selfies with their family.

And those people who are active on social media those it is very important to update their fans where they are and upload some cool selfies with the best background.

Selfies are sometimes very important to click if you are in a wonderful place. And I have listed some of the best backgrounds and the best places where you can click your selfies or photos.

Some places are very rare and not known to many people you will love those places and must-visit if you are a selfie lover or photographer.

The places that I m gonna put on the list are full of photography and videography. The average tourist visit here is a photographer because it is very beautiful and you can click some of the best selfies of your life and make it memorable.

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List of the places best for selfies and photography

1, Corcovado Mountain

where is the most popular spot in the world (9)

It is very beautiful as well as a popular place for selfies and photography this place has more than 300000 visitors every year.

The statue and the viewing platform at the top is the best part of this place and it draws more attractive to the tourist to visit this wonderful place.

And if you like to have a long drive to the statue you can also take your vehicle and the distance is almost 3.8 kilometres and the road is narrow.

2, Horsetail fall

where is the most popular spot in the world (9)

It looks like the fire is falling from the top of the mountain but it is an illusion created by the photographer by the sunset rays and the waterfall.

Horsetail is located in the Yosemite National park in California. And the most recommended month to visit is February because you can get a more clear picture of this.

The fire fall is melted snow and if you place your camera on the right angle then you will get the best out of this place and it will be worth visiting this place in February

3, Troll Tunga, Norway

where is the most popular spot in the world

Norway is filled with many selfie spot and has some of the best places to take good pictures. But Troll Tunga is very special and also risky to take pictures.

The rock gives an amazing view to the travellers and it almost seems like you are in the air and there is nothing downside to the rock.

This rock formation is known as Troll Tunga and many tourists around the world have taken daring selfies here which are very rare and precious for them.

4,  Dead Sea, Israel

where is the most popular spot in the world

In the floating sea, you can say you don’t have to use your hand here to swim just chill by entering into the sea and your both hand will be free to take the best floating selfies.

It seems like magic but because of the salt, this river is clean as well as you can float on the sea and you won’t be getting any kind of fish or crabs here so it will be peaceful for you to spend time here.

5, Mendel hall Glacier and Ice cave, Alaska

where is the most popular spot in the world

The frozen water all around you can’t even imagine a better place to take selfies or rare photos which will enhance your feed and gallery.

It is a little bit tough to reach there at the entrance you have to climb a little bit but once you reach it is all worth it.

It is also known as one of the most beautiful places in the world and you will be amazed once you reach there. The most popular place to take pictures must visit once if you are a photo lover.

6, Burj Khalifa, Dubai

where is the most popular spot in the world

The tallest building in the world and also if you visit here on any type of occasion then it would be better for you to take selfies.

And if somehow your budget is high then you can visit the top floor and click some best selfies and photos.

And if you can’t go to the top then you can click selfies from the bottom of the building and then find a perfect angle to click pictures.

7, Riding a hot air balloon, Cappadocia Turkey

where is the most popular spot in the world

You can ride a hot air balloon anywhere but riding it in Cappadocia Turkey is a different thing and you will get a wonderful experience.

Selfies can be more enhanced if you are at a top or in the air and nothing can be a more easy way to fly in the air. And you can take some stable selfies and photos.

8, London Bridge

where is the most popular spot in the world

Best place to get background and the best angles to take selfies because it will be beautiful if you add London bridge as your background.

It is renovated and it is now more beautiful and has the best mediaeval structure. And a lot of people have taken selfies and pictures here and they have never been disappointed.

9, The Great Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

where is the most popular spot in the world

The best place to click photos and you will see the best sunset in the world it is like heaven to be there you can see everywhere white salt on the ground.

The white ground floor is for many miles you will get their tents to stay and spend your lovely time and the tents are luxurious for that place.

It feels like another planet to visit because the land is full of white colour and walking on this is a very beautiful moment for you.

10, Eiffel tower, Paris

where is the most popular spot in the world

One of the most popular and beautiful places for taking selfies and photos if you click at the right angle from the ground it will be a very good picture for you to post on social media.

Eiffel tower draws several countless visitors and spend time in Paris and click some of the best pictures.

The tower is very old but the iconic features of this tower are the unique structure and the vibe of this place is a very happy must-visit for photography.

So here are some of the best places in the world to take selfies and the numbers are just to make it clear it is not at all ranking of this place all the places are very unique and beautiful. And has it’s own wonderful features that can’t be compared or can give a ranking.

So these are some of the best places in the world to take selfies as well as photos, all the places that are on the list have the best scenic view that is in the world.

We hope that this post will help you to clear all your doubts and if you want to ask something you can directly ask us without any hesitation.

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