THINGS TO DO IN ROCKWALL TX (Highly recommended by the locals)

Rockwall TX is a place where you can find lots of things that will drive you crazy and make your trip complete after knowing some of the best things to do in Rockwall TX.

In this blog, I will share my experiences with the places where I went and it is kind of the best places in Rockwall TX. Because all the places are suggested by the locals it was very new for me to visit these places.

There are very rare chances you will find these places on the internet before but since now I have experienced these places I can share with you. And if you are visiting Rockwall TX then these places are a must-visit.

Rockwall is a very unique place same as its name. There was a mystery related to the walls that were found under the ground while people were digging for a well in 1854.

And then people found some mysterious walls but later on, with the research, it was proved that it is geographically made by nature.

And after that this place for a name that is ‘Rockwall’. This place is around 316 square miles which are not too big a place but it has many fun things to do which you will see in the further blog.

This place is famous for live music shows so when you are here you should visit one of them.

Since this place is in texas you can also check out the other best things to do in Lubbock, Texas also recommended places in Austin, Texas

Here is the list of things to do in Rockwall Tx

1, Sideways BBQ

It is a wonderful restaurant and people love to visit this place because of the good food and the vibe of this place. It has lots of feature that will attract you to visit this place when you are in Rock Wall tx.

It is recommended to visit this place on Wednesday night because you will find live music there for your entertainment. Not just live music on daily basis this restaurant arrange events like karaoke night, open mic and many more.

It is near the lake so you can watch the boats while you are having your meal. It also has outdoor seating and I loved to have outdoor seating when I am at the restaurant but it depends on your taste.

One tip is you should plan before you visit this restaurant and book your table in advance through the link or the phone number which is below.

Things to do in Rockwall TX

Details of the place


Phone Number: +1 469-769-1551

Address: 2067 Summer Lee Dr #105, Rockwall, TX 75032, United States

2, Smith park

The best free thing you can do in Rockwall is visiting this park. This park is not just a normal park where you can just walk and play there at lot more things here.

Such as becoming a part of a golf course and watch them play, open field for sports, and the best part you can also do barbecue here you will find tables and grills there specially for barbecue.

People have rated this place at 4.6/5 which is very good for a park that is kid-friendly as well as free. And for this reason this place is in the list of best things to do in rock wall tx.

Things to do in Rockwall TX

Details of the place


Address: 1220 CD Boren Pkwy, Rockwall, TX 75087, United States

3, Harbor Rockwall

This place is situated in Lake Ray Hubbard, This place is very romantic place in rock wall and the best part is having dinner at this place and watching the lake.

There are many seasonal events that happen here on daily basis and there are many shopping areas near to it and entertainment opportunities that you can visit by just walking.

When I was in this place I was roaming the whole time here and there to explore this place in detail and there are lot more things to do here.

Things to do in Rockwall TX

Detail of the place


Phone Number: +1 469-428-7995

Address: 2059 Summer Lee Dr, Rockwall, TX 75032

4, Urban Air adventure Park

It is the largest trampoline park in the whole Rockwall Tx. It also has indoor dodgeball, fitness classes and many other things you can also do party here after terms and conditions.

This place is for all not just for kids because the trampoline and other things that are here are the best way to spend your time and it is worth a day if you visit when you are here.

You will find many events and parties in which you can enter also if you want you can arrange your private party here which will cost you 500-900$ but for normal entry and adventurous events, it is just 50$ per head.

Things to do in Rockwall TX

Details of the place

Phone Number: +1 469-912-3117

Address: 5757 State Hwy 205, Rockwall, TX 75032, United States

5, In sync exotic park

It is the best Non-profit park in Rockwall tx. It will cost you just 12$ for entry but it is a donation type entry. You are actually donating 12$ rather than paying for the entry which is a great concept of this park.

You can call it as a perfect hidden gem and the best part is you won’t find too much crowd in this place it is very peaceful until the lion and tiger roars.

The employee here are very nice and have lots of knowledge about tiger and lions that they will share with you. It is very fascinating to see eating and playing these large cats.

Things to do in Rockwall TX

Details about the place


Phone Number: +1 972-442-6888

Address: 3430 Skyview Dr, Wylie, TX 75098, United States

6, Boat Ride at Harbor Light cruise

The perfect way to see the sunset. The price for the boat ride is very good just 25$ and then you can enjoy in this cruise with some music and a dance.

You can also rent the whole cruise for some party and event if you want. It is recommended to purchase your tickets in advance from the official link below because it will be a mess to buy ticket offline.

The crew here is very nice loading and unloading of people was too easy and steady. A must-visit things to do in Rockwall tx

Things to do in Rockwall TX

Detail of the place


Phone Number: +1 214-534-3797

Address: 2055 Summer Lee Dr, Rockwall, TX 75032, United States

7, Jungle trek Rockwall

The indoor playground which has too many activities to perform such as climbing walls,zip-lining, wobbly bridges and many more things to do.

It opens at 12 pm and closes at 6 pm and it is recommended to visit in between 3-4 pm for less crowd (it was told by a local to me).

There are many activities to perform here and it is for all age group especially for kids because they will just love it and their confidence will boost by performing such activities.

Things to do in Rockwall TX

8, Chisholm trail ride

You can enjoy a horse ride here on a private trail with just 90$ per head and you will get training of half of hour then you can ride the horse easily.

There will be a guide next to you on a horse who will give instructions while riding and they have all kinds of horses and they will provide you with a horse according to your skills,

The staff is very friendly and give you perfect guides and instructions and they have 1000 open range land for riding horse.

Things to do in Rockwall TX

Detail of the place


Phone Number: +1 214-584-8698

Address: 1068 Frontier Trail, Rockwall, TX 75032, United States

9, Go Ape Adventurous park

Very impressive place and has lots of activities to do and it will be worth it if you visit this place.

It is like a military camp and all the activities are related to it but in a fun way so it becomes very interesting to perform such activities.

The staff and guide are very friendly and motivates people if they get scared of any activity while performing. The rating of this place is 4.8/5 which says itself that how good is the place.

Things to do in Rockwall TX

Details about the place


Phone Number: +1 800-971-8271

Address: 5901 Los Rios Blvd, Plano, TX 75074, United States

10, Reunion Tower

It is a perfect observation tower in the whole Dallas tx and it is the 15th highest tower in the city. It was made in 1998 and it is a part of hyaat regency hotel.

The roof of this tower is at 561 feet above the ground which is very high and it is very scary for me to see down from this height.

But it is must visit place if you are in Rockwall tx. The observation deck is called Geo Deck and sometimes events are going through at this place.

Things to do in Rockwall TX

Details of the place


Phone Number: +1 214-712-7040

Address: 300 Reunion Blvd E, Dallas, TX 75207, United States

So these are some of the places that were recommended by the local people to me and now I have shared with you so whenever you are in Rockwall try to visit these place it will be worth it.

And if you want to see this blog in video format then you can click the video below however this is the full version of list but then also you should check to see the virtual tour of the places in the list.

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